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2018 in review...

2018-12-31 by David

It's the last day of 2018, and what a fun year it's been! My 3D printer arrived in April, and I was finally able to get some of my designs test printed for the very first time.


Since then a whole lot of terrain pieces have been released on an unsuspecting world, so here's a quick review of what happened in 2018......



The very first piece to be printed and released was this Necrontyr token, useful for command points or markers in games of 40K....

... followed shortly thereafter by this 6" Necrontyr ruler.


The third design for this month was the Necrontyr landing pad, an iconic piece of LED-lit terrain:






In May the Necrontyr Pyramid set was released, the biggest piece we've done!


A couple of weeks later, the Necrontyr Power Generator set was released, which remains our most popular download to date!






June saw the release of the Necrontyr Modular Hill set, a mainstay of our Necrontyr range.



... and that was followed soon after by the release of the Necrontyr Bridges and Pathways set, to connect up all the various terrian pieces on your board.






LEDs were back in demand in July, with the release of the Necrontyr Objectives set. Very hard to photograph, that was!!



At the end of July we had another big release, with the Necrontyr Tombcity Walls set.





This month saw the start of our second terrain range, with the Samurai Stone Walls set released for feudal-era Japanese tabletops.




Another iconic terrain set was released in September, with the double Samurai Torii Gates set.

The Samurai clan symbols set was also released this month, for decorating and personalising your tabletops.


Right at the end of the month, this little set of blooddrop wound markers was released.

Crikey, even more right-at-the-end of September was this fourth set, a Samurai Sword Ruler!


Truly, a great month to be a samurai wargamer!!





In October it was back to the Necrontyr terrain range for the long-awaited release of this large Obelisks set.



Also in October, we announced the first of our print shop partners in the US, which has now been expanded to the UK and Australasia too!

Another samurai-themed terrain set was released this month, the Zen Garden set.






To match our zen garden set, we released this set of zen garden themed bases in November.


The most intricate of our Necrontyr designs was also released this month, with a kick-ass paint scheme - the Necrontyr Warp Portal.


A third design was released in November, to brighten up your gaming tables - the Bamboo Cup for tokens!




Despite some printer-related problems (!), the Samurai Castle Walls set was released to finish off the year.





PHEW!!!! Surprised Not too bad for the first year, I think.


Stay with us in 2019, as we finish off the Necrontyr range (maybe?), fill out the Samurai terrain range with lots more awesome kits, dip our toe into High Elf architecture, and start up our fourth terrain range - "alien xenos stuff" is all I'm saying.....


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