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Samurai Bamboo Cup

 Samurai Bamboo Cup

Samurai Bamboo Cup

A bamboo cup that can be used to randomly draw game tokens, for use in games such as Test of Honour. The cup measures approximately 90mm in diameter and 100mm in height. It features a curved bottom inside to allow easy withdrawal of tokens.


The cup also features space for a 30mm symbol to be placed at the front and back of the cup. A "samurai" kanji symbol is included (pictured), but you can instead personalise your cup with your choice of clan symbol from this Samurai Clan Symbols Set. An extra symbol, for the Kikuchi Clan (crossed feathers) is also included in this set.



This downloadable ZIP file contains the following STL files :

  • Bamboo cup with hole for kanji symbol
  • Bamboo cup without hole
  • 'Samurai' kanji symbol
  • Kikuchi Clan symbol

* Samurai warrior model and game tokens not included.


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This product will be delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer. The files are set to 28mm scale but can be rescaled before printing.

  • All of the parts of this file can be printed on a 3D printer build plate of 150mm x 150mm (125mmx125mm for models released ~2023).
  • All parts have manifold (3D-printable geometry) and have been test printed.
  • Models designed for 28mm (1:64 scale) wargaming, but can be resized for other scales on your printer.
Samurai Bamboo Cup

$2.00 (USD)

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