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Name: Adrian  
Product: Necrontyr Tombcity Wall Set

Extremely recommend this company and there products. Perfect center price for my awakening tomb world !!! Quality much higher then I would have expected for this price.

Name: Hadrian  
Product: Samurai Stone Walls Set

The set exceeded my expectations. It is high quality craftsmanship. The photo is of my initial test before starting a diorama. It does not do justice to the original. I highly recommend this for gamers and collectors alike.

Name: Timothy  
Product: Necrontyr Power Generator Set

Really a terrific piece. So versatile and also very well built and detailed - solid. Plus insert a tea light and itfs really a great product. Two thumbs up!

Name: Stephen  
Product: Necrontyr Defence Wall

Cannot say enough great things about these terrain pieces.

Name: Tom  
Product: High Elf House & Tower

Everything looks fabulous. Canft wait to build the Elf Manors. Thanks again.

Name: Brody  
Product: Samurai Castle Walls Set

Great files.
Would love an option to have a printable wall cover for the inner pieces so they aren't open frame.

Thanks for the review! Why not print a cut version of the wall section's front, so it's just the stones? You could use them for the back too, to cover the open frames.

- by 3DAlienWorlds

Name: Pete  
Product: Samurai Farmyard Set

Fantastic set! Love it. Only problem is the scale. I had mine printed by a licensed seller in the uk. The photo shows warlord figs compared to my print. The wheels on the cart are 30mm. I would definitely reduce the scale by at least 25%

Yes, fair point! It was a bit of a trade-off, as the spokes needed to be big enough to print, but reducing the wheel size made it look a little too chunky. Those hand cart wheels are big in real life, though - easily shoulder height!

- by 3DAlienWorlds

Name: Angela Sconyers  
Product: Samurai Card Box

The card box is a great print! The details are clear and the clan symbols are a great addition to an already awesome box.

Thanks for the review and the pic - looking forward to seeing how people paint these up!

- by 3DAlienWorlds

Name: Stephen Renwick  
Product: Samurai Farmyard Set

Good morning. I thought I would send a photo of my farm so far. I reduced it to 50% to fit in with my 15mm Samurai Army. It is this scale so that I can use it for skirmish gaming in the same scale

Lovely to see it still works at half scale! Been following along on your blog for the past couple of weeks - great stuff!

- by 3DAlienWorlds

Name: tamorosi  
Product: Samurai Bridges Set

Thanks!!!! Nice addition to the wargames table!! Something to work-on while staying away from the Covid world.


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