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Name: Magnus  
Product: Samurai Temple Outer Gate

Really nice kit!
Unfortunately there are errors in the Temple Base left & rigt 2 .stl files: The rectangular stones on the top of the base are not set properly into the rest of the model, leaving a tiny gap under them, just as if they were pieces of insulation tape loosely stuck on top.
When printed on a high resolution printer such as the Elegoo Saturn 3 (12k resin) the

Thanks for the review. I'll take a look at the files and see if I can fix that.

- by 3DAlienWorlds

Name: Swamo  
Product: Necrontyr Pyramid

perfect, looks amazing easy to set up and put away

Name: Joanne  
Product: Necrontyr Dice Tray

Well built and bigger the expected

Name: Steve  
Product: Necrontyr Pyramid

Exactly what I needed for a unique terrain piece! Definitely recommend magnets for this in order to have modular assembly based on the fight force

Name: Sjoerd  
Product: Samurai Temple Bell

Lovely item, crisp print with stunning details. Absolutly tremendous

Name: Joshua  
Product: Necrontyr Pyramid

A well made piece that met my expectations. It is now the centerpiece of my Necron gaming table.

Beautiful paint colour scheme!

- by 3DAlienWorlds

Name: Christian  
Product: Samurai Shrine Set

Is the mini-base file correct for the mini-shrine? I'm getting slicing errors but only on that model.

Name: Joe  
Product: Necrontyr Objectives Set

These look awesome.

Great paint job, Joe!

- by 3DAlienWorlds

Name: Jeremy  
Product: Taui Fusion Reactor

Nice kit. Makes a great centrepiece for t'au army 40k games.

Name: Joseph  
Product: Necrontyr Modular Hill Set

Terrific quality, very detailed and easy to put together. So pleased with them!


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