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Samurai Shrine Set

 Samurai Shrine Set

Samurai Shrine Set

A set of shrine buildings and accessories from old Japan. This set contains enough items to make a good-sized and fully-themed battlefield on its own!


The set contains a main shrine building (290mmx340mm / 12"x14"), a smaller sessha mini-shrine structure (60mmx70mm / 2½"x3"), a temizuya handwash basin with optional roof, ema (votive plaques) board structure with roof, a low bamboo fence (120mm / 5" long), a shrine lantern (which can be wired with an LED) with a choice of 4 bases, a section of rough stone path (120mmx80mm / 5"x3"), a sacred tree stump in a raised stone bed, a variety of multipart stone lanterns, and a bamboo forest base (60mm diameter). 


Two komainu (lion-dog) models are also included - although please note that these are not our creations or part of the paid files. They are taken from Thingiverse (available under Creative Commons Licenses and fully attributed) and resized to match this shrine set, and are included for your convenience.


This downloadable ZIP file contains the following STL files :


  • Shrine building
  • Small sessha shrine structure
  • Temizuya handwash basin with optional roof
  • Ema (votive plaques) board structure with roof
  • Low bamboo fence
  • Shrine lantern (can be wired with an LED, 4 bases & solid version included)
  • Rough stone path
  • Sacred tree stump in raised stone bed
  • Multipart stone lanterns
  • Komainu liondog statues
  • Bamboo forest base

* Samurai warrior models and plastic bamboo trees not included.

* Please note that the roof sections are quite large, and will require a 141mm print bed to print each quarter.


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This product will be delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer. The files are set to 28mm scale but can be rescaled before printing.

  • All of the parts of this file can be printed on a 3D printer build plate of 150mm x 150mm (125mmx125mm for models released ~2023).
  • All parts have manifold (3D-printable geometry) and have been test printed.
  • Models designed for 28mm (1:64 scale) wargaming, but can be resized for other scales on your printer.
Samurai Shrine Set

$18.00 (USD)

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I am super pleased with this. It’s exactly what I needed for my games of Hametsu. Good stuff!

- by Richard

These are great!

- by Brock

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