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Samurai Shrine Set available NOW!!

2022-09-01 by David

It's been a while in development, from design, to test prints, and finally to painting.... but we have a new release to announce today! The new Samurai Shrine Set set is now available for download, and it's a BIG set!


  Samurai Shrine Set  


Let's take a look at all the contents of this massive set.....

▲ These are all the models from this new set, and it really was quite a squeeze trying to fit them all into one photo!


It's time to take a closer look....


▲ It's a busy day at the local shrine, with housewives, beggars and priests all making their way along the rough stone path to wish for good fortune.

▲ Some disrespectful samurai have even dared to start a fight right on the balcony of the main shrine building! The shrine staff look like they have it well under control, so perhaps Tomoko the geisha won't need her dagger after all?

Check out those lovely carved wooden details on the walls of the shrine, and the thick bell ropes!

▲ The local dojo master stops for a chat with one of the shrine's visitors, under the watchful eyes of the komainu liondog statues near the entrance.

▲ A wandering peasant stops at the dragon fountain, to ritually wash his hands before entering the shrine proper.

▲ The sessha auxiliary shrines even get their share of visitors today.

▲ Lord Nobu stops by a small shrine on the edge of the bamboo forest. Will the light from the shrine lanterns be enough to alert him to the danger nearby?

▲ This sacred treestump is all that remains of the giant cedar-pine tree that once towered here, but it provides a strong link to the natural forces of the shrine.

▲ Visitors to the shrine often write their wishes and hopes for the future on these wooden ema boards. Let's hope one of them wished for invulnerability from ninja throwing stars!

▲ The main shrine building has an ancient copper roof, topped by these gorgeous ornamental decorations, and features a wide balcony on all sides.

▲ The shrine interior has doorways on each side, and a simple prayer table right in the centre. Plenty of space for fencing!

▲ A quieter day at the shrine... without anybody starting a fight! The large offering box stands in front of the main entrance, and visitors stop at the foot of the front steps to ring those big copper bells before making a prayer and dropping in a coin.

The new Samurai Shrine Set set is available for download from today!


  Samurai Shrine Set  

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Shrine Foxes
2023-09-04 (Mon) 6:04AM

This set is absolutely awesome. The main shrine roof is massive and the detailing is incredible. If I had one wish for a set that already contains a ton of accessories, I would love to see an iconic shrine fox! Otherwise, this set is impressive in every way.

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