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Necrontyr modular hill printed!

2018-05-28 by David

If you've been waiting for the set to quickly and cheaply COVER your table in Necron-themed terrain, then you'll be happy to hear that we've now printed enough of the Necrontyr Modular Hill Set to take some printed photos, so here they are for you....


£ These are the first 2 of 4 sections - STRAIGHT and STEPS.

The STRAIGHT section (left) has Necron-themed symbols engraved along the top of the side wall, and 3 large vertical columns with cut out vents hidden behind them, for LED light glow.


The STEPS section (right) has the distinctive oversized steps common to the whole range, and like the other sections also features engraved symbols on the top surface which connect up to every other piece.



£ The CENTRE section (left) is just a square section designed to connect the other sections. There are 3 top piece versions (and if you DON'T glue it on, you can switch them around as you need!):


  1. Cut-out engravings, which allow LED light to glow up from underneath.
  2. Solid engravings, for use without LEDs.
  3. Frame version, useful for stacking multi-level hills with minimal use of plastic.


The CORNER section (right) has two identical sides featuring a cut-out Necrontyr symbol and coffin-shaped raised areas. The cut-out symbol allow LEDs to glow from inside the hill, and has been designed with built-in supports. You simply to need to cut off the extra 1mm supports after printing.




£ The STRAIGHT section's top surface has also been designed with built-in supports along one side that features an overhang, to get the best print possible with 3D printers.




£ After printing, you just need to quickly nip off the 1mm supports, and maybe run a piece of sandpaper along the edge to smooth it, and you're ready to glue!




Here's something I thought you might like to see! We had our club day here yesterday, and the Necron board got its 40K debut with all the terrain we've printed so far....


£ In this pic you can see 4 of our 9 planned Necron-themed releases - the Pyramid (and some extra half pyramid sections on the edges), both Power Generators, the Landing Pad and those sections of the Modular Hill set we've printed so far!

£ And finally, I thought you might like to see a close-up of the hill we put together? We've only got 4 corners printed so far so we were limited to a single-level hill, but you can see that it's still large enough to hide units from incoming fire!

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Riley Castagno
2021-07-18 (Sun) 2:52AM

hi I am curious how much do you think it cost to print that whole hill? in filament?

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-07-18 (Sun) 10:21AM

Maybe a little over one kg of filament?

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Necrontyr Modular Hill available NOW!! >>
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