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Necrontyr Ruined Wall

 Necrontyr Ruined Wall

Necrontyr Ruined Wall

A ruined wall section, intended for use with the Tombcity Wall Set. It is 105mm tall, and features approximately 40mm of intact walkway at the top - the rest is buried amongst the monumental slabs below.


Two of these ruined wall sections can be combined to form a wall breach 240mm long, as shown in the pictures, and can easily be used to replace two regular wall sections mid-battle if required.


The ruined wall section feature slots on the underside for clips (included) to join them together, but you can also fit 4~5mm diameter rare earth magnets for extra convenience. This is a one-piece print, and print supports are not required.


This downloadable ZIP file contains the following STL files :


  • 120mm straight ruined wall
  • Joining clips


* Necron warrior model and other Tombcity Wall Set sections not included.


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A straight section of the Tombcity Wall is available for free download on Thingiverse:  


Thanks to Terry Gaudet for the suggestion!


This product will be delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer. The files are set to 28mm scale but can be rescaled before printing.

  • All of the parts of this file can be printed on a 3D printer build plate of 150mm x 150mm (125mmx125mm for models released ~2023).
  • All parts have manifold (3D-printable geometry) and have been test printed.
  • Models designed for 28mm (1:64 scale) wargaming, but can be resized for other scales on your printer.
Necrontyr Ruined Wall

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