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Samurai Teahouse

 Samurai Teahouse

Samurai Teahouse

A small chashitsu teahouse from old Japan. Tea houses are usually small, simple wooden buildings. They are located in the gardens or grounds of private homes, or temples and parks. It is usually surrounded by a small garden, with a path leading to the tea room. Along the path is a waiting bench for guests and a stone water-basin near the tea house, where the guests rinse their hands and mouths before entering through a small door, which symbolically separates the small, simple, quiet inside from the crowded, overwhelming outside world.


Traditional elements of the interior include the tokonoma alcove with hanging scroll and flower vase, a lowered entrance required participants to bow to enter, tatami flooring, and sliding paper doors and windows.


This terrain model includes a set of fences and a gate, and a small decorative garden with accessories. The fences are based on authentic bamboo and twine fences found at Ginkakuji, in Kyoto.


The teahouse building measures approximately ?mm by ?mm (?" x ?"), with the thatched roof overhanging to ?mm by ?mm (?" x ?"). The building is ?mm (?") tall.


This downloadable ZIP file contains the following STL files :

  • Teahouse
  • Bamboo, twine and stick fence
  • Thatched gate
  • Deer-scarer and water bowl
  • Simple moss rock garden with path
  • Stone lantern


* Samurai models and cherry blossom trees not included.


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This product will be delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer. The files are set to 28mm scale but can be rescaled before printing.

  • All of the parts of this file can be printed on a 3D printer build plate of 125mm x 125mm.
  • All parts have manifold (3D-printable geometry) and have been test printed.
  • Models designed for 28mm (1:58 scale) wargaming, but can be resized for other scales on your printer.
Samurai Teahouse

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