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High Elf House & Tower available NOW!

2019-03-03 by David

At (very) long last, the High Elf House & Tower is now available for download for home printing! Bring a little bit of Ulthuan to your tabletop....


  High Elf House & Tower  

▲ Based on the architecture of high elf buildings from Ulthuan in the lost Warhammer world, this house is an elegant multilevel mansion suitable for gaming terrain and RPG players.


The front of the house has a flight of simple stone steps up to the interior.....

▲ ... while the back of the house has this picturesque balcony on the second level, with a simple stone bench beneath it - for composing poetry or whatever groovy thing those high elves do in their free time?!

▲ The tower joins on to the house on the second level, by means of an ornate bridge, but also extends up to a third level for secret wizarding stuff.

▲ I just had to share this pretty pic, of the finished and painted house posed on my waterfall board (modelled after the old Dark Omen videogame), against a suitably Ulthuan-like vista of sparkling mountains.


Surely the perfect weekend getaway for magical heavyweights like Teclis, here!

▲ A close-up of the front steps and door, and the ornate windows and runic script. The steps have smooth tops but textured stone sides, and lead naturally up into that massive double door - which is also duplicated on the inside.


The model has been designed to hide the join lines between floors as much as possible, and the interior is completely playable.

▲ With the roof (and tower's 3rd floor) removed, you can see the interior details. A carved spiral staircase leads up into the upper level's mezzanine floor, which opens out to the tower's bridge on one side and the rear balcony on the other.


The tower just has simple trapdoors between floors, but I guess you could print another spiral staircase if you think high elves are too good for pull down ladders?!

▲ With the second level removed, you can see the living quarters of the lower level. No windows here - just that enormous door!

▲ A close-up of the rear 'meditation space' beneath the balcony. Elven runes are carved into the bench and stone flooring.


Please note that the printed model is not textured on the walls - this was a stone effect spray I added later!



The High Elf House & Tower is available for download today!


  High Elf House & Tower  


Painting the High Elf House

2019-03-02 by David

It's taken quite a while to paint up this new High Elf House & Tower model, mostly because I was a little scared at painting so many intricate windows!


This is a little step-by-step guide to the process of painting mine....


▲ The first step was to texture the walls. I don't do this for most of my terrain, but I find that high elf buildings look pretty good with a stone effect spray (like Rustoleum etc), and it gives an added layer of interest to the paint job.


So I started by masking off the interior of the model. The interiors are detailed with wooden floors and ornate doors and windows, and I obviously didn't want to get stone effect on those. I also covered over the doors and windows on the exterior with masking tape too.


▲ Once the two coats of stone effect spray were dry, I gave it two coats of matt white spray. I hadn't quite decided on the roof colour at this stage, so I grabbed an old can of matt green to spray the roof.


With such a large amount of wall space to cover, I didn't want to work up from grey to white - that would take forever! So instead, I undercoat in white, then poke very light grey into the crevices and lines.


▲ Next stage was the roof. I couldn't quite decide between a sea-green and a classic blue with the white walls, so I tried blending the two. At the top I started with a jade green and blended it fairly roughly into a blue from the bottom half downwards.


Then it was simply a matter of carefully drybrushing lighter shades of green and blue, ending up with almost off-white tones for the final drybrush.


▲ And then came the fairly lengthy job of lining all the crevices with light grey. I used an old paint called Space Wolves Grey, which is actually slightly blue-tinged, but gives a nice fresh effect.


Next job was to paint the doors, windows and the runic strip. For this I basecoated all areas in silver and washed heavily with a sepia wash - giving an instant light gold!


Finally, I came to the extremely tedious job of painting all those window panes. With the insides and outsides of the windows, I think there is a total of 26 to paint! It would also have looked lovely in various stained glass colours, but I'm afraid I was running short on time! Sorry....




▲ So here's a nice pic of the finished house and tower, posed with an old Games Workshop high elf wizard model (Teclis). I bought a lovely cinematic mountainscape background for the photoshoot, and pulled out my old waterfall gaming board.


Job's a good 'un!




Necrontyr Dicetray available NOW!!

2019-03-01 by David

The new dice tray (and small dice tower) for your Necron tombworlds is now available for download!


For those without printers, this design should be available very shortly from our growing network of partners shops in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand too!


  Necrontyr Dicetray  

▲ The dice tray comprises of a few simple pieces - the walls, the base, the dicetower and various top options.

▲ All of the pieces are removable, so you don't need to glue them.


▲ The walls are provided as a larger one-piece print for those of you with larger printers, and in smaller pieces for those with smaller printers.


If quieter rolling is your thing, then just use the walls directly on your gaming table.

▲ Or slot in the themed base piece (also included as a 2-part print for smaller printers), and use it as a terrain piece..... a dry oil bath, maybe?!

▲ The dice tower is a one-piece print, printed upside-down so no supports are required, and also includes space for LED lights. Your choice of top piece simply fits on the top when you're not rolling dice!


The dice tray and dice tower is available today!


  Necrontyr Dicetray  


Introducing PlasticCrackDealer, our new European print partner...

2019-02-26 by David

Plastic Crack Dealer is a Hungary-based 3D printing store, and they are now selling print versions of our Necrontyr and Samurai terrain ranges!

The full ranges of both types (and maybe even the upcoming new ranges?) will hopefully be appearing on their store in the near future. So for those of you who don't have access to a 3D printer, but still want a full tabletop of our Necron-themed or feudal Japanese terrain, jump on over and see what they've got for you!



Necrontyr Dicetray Printed

2019-02-23 by David

The new Necrontyr Dice Tray printed beautifully in one piece (another split version for smaller printers is included, of course), and the optional dice tower fits perfectly - so I'm very happy with that!


Here's a photo of the raw prints I got.....

▲ The tray was printed at 0.1mm layers, while the tower was printed at 0.2mm layers because it was actually a first draft.... but which fitted without problem - so I'll go with that!


▲ These are 3 of the 5 tower toppers you can place on top of your dice tower (a plain pyramid and plain flat top are the other two). Simply take off the top and throw your dice down when you need to use it! Easy.



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