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Eldari Soaring Eagle Shrine available NOW!

2019-10-23 by David

The first terrain piece from our new Eldari collection is released today, in collaboration with AUS30K - the Eldari Soaring Eagle Shrine is officially available for download today!


  Eldari Soaring Eagle Shrine  


▲ The shrine building soars 280mm (11") tall through the forest canopy, and I've decided to use the verdant backdrop of an Eldar Maiden World to best show off this awesome terrain!

▲ This stunning, organic architectural style looks great in a creamy-white colour to represent the Eldari psycho-reactive material wraithbone, with minimal shading and smooth finishes. A ruined version of this building will be released shortly, too!

The new Eldari Soaring Eagle Shrine is officially available for download today!


  Eldari Soaring Eagle Shrine  

Introducing REBEL WARGAMES, our new Ireland print partner...

2019-10-21 by David

We have a new print partner to announce, REBEL WARGAMES, in Cork Ireland. They are now selling print versions of our terrain on their webstore!

They are offering all of the most popular pieces from our ranges of High Elf and Necrontyr terrain, so for those of you who don't have access to a 3D printer, but still want a full tabletop of our themed terrain, jump on over and see what they've got for you!

Printing the Soaring Eagle Shrine

2019-10-20 by David

We've been slowly printing out the first of the Eldari terrain pieces, brought to you in partnership with AUS30K - the Soaring Eagle Shrine!



▲ This is the CG render of the shrine building, which is ideal for representing a Swooping Hawks warrior shrine in games of Warhammer 40,000.


As you can see, some of the projecting sections are complicated shapes, and will require supports....




▲ The bottom section, in particular, is a very complex shape. So we have re-cut the bottom piece into two halves, to ensure that as much of the model as possible is flat to the print bed, while also minimising the impact of join lines.


This was a process of trial and error, with the nicely-printed version shown above actually being the 4th (!) attempt. The first three attempts all failed when supports started coming loose and knocking into each other. So if you look at the photo above, you'll see that actually only the extreme edges of the two "wings" (shown left and right) need supports for their bottom edges.




▲ In this side view of the same piece, you can see I also let Cura (slicer software) add supports to those long bridges. Your printer might not need these, depending on how well it copes with arches, but I thought it better to be safe than sorry.


The rest of the sections need minimal supports, and these should not add much print time at all. After some quick assembly with superglue, this was the finished building.....



▲ Yep, it's a biggie! The shrine building stands 280mm (11") tall and approximately 220mm (9") wide, from wingtip to wingtip. I've added a Dark Reaper for scale.

▲ As you can see, the strangely organic, slightly asymmetrical shape of the building really helps to give it an Eldar/Aeldari feel.

Those four doors halfway up the walls can be modelled open or closed if you prefer. I chose to glue them closed and this completed building will be hitting the paint desk this weekend for a release next next!!!



Announcing our new Eldari sci-fi range...

2019-10-17 by David

We've joined forces with AUS30K, who have commissioned these great designs by Nuclear Shrimp Studios.


Inspired by the slightly organic architectural style of Eldar/Aeldari space-elf themed buildings in the Warhammer 40,000 setting, we'll be offering their 3 unique buildings, which each come in two different versions - shiny and new.... or desolate ruins.

We'll be showing off the printed versions of these buildings over the coming weeks, which are, from left to right...


  • Brilliant Lance Shrine (left)
  • Exodite Hut (centre)
  • Soaring Eagle Shrine (right)


Samurai Tatami Bases available NOW!

2019-10-12 by David

Our second set of themed bases is released today - the Samurai Tatami Bases Set is officially available for download today!


  Samurai Tatami Bases  

▲ Fresh off the paint desk, the set contains 25mm bases, 40mm bases and a 60mm group base for Test of Honour. Lipped rings for use with Bushido are also included.

▲ The 60mm group base is particularly cool, because.....

▲ ... the tatami texture is continued in the inset holes, too! So as your group members take casualities, it still looks good.

▲ All bases include a small hole underneath suitable for 5mm x 1mm magnets, for players wishing to magnetise their models.

The set of tatami mat bases is available for download today!


  Samurai Tatami Bases  


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