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Necrontyr Defence Walls available NOW!

2019-07-25 by David

A new set for the Necrontyr terrain range is available for download today - the Necrontyr Defence Walls!


  Necrontyr Defence Walls  

▲ The set contains low defensive walls, joiner pieces, and two versions of a gun emplacement - open and closed.

▲ Here's the unpainted set contents, with the removable Necrontyr symbols in the front of each wall printed in clear green PLA filament.

▲ This is the closed version of the weapon; approximately 65mm tall.

▲ The four top corners can be opened out and the large energy weapon added instead, as an equivalent to the Aegis Defence Line's quadcannon.


The Necrontyr Defence Walls are available for download today.


  Necrontyr Defence Walls  


Printing the Necrontyr defence walls

2019-07-22 by David

The Necrontyr Defence Walls set has now been fully printed and photographed, and will be hitting the paint desk this week for a release very soon!


Here are some pics of the printed items.....

▲ The gun emplacement features this typically necron-style energy weapon, and I was keen to make sure it printed it one piece without problem. Not only that, but it can be printed without supports!

▲ I also wanted to try something new for this project, so I grabbed some new rolls of clear PLA filament to use for the Necrontyr symbols. This was quite an interesting experience, as I'd never used it before.


My first attemptat printing (shown on the left) was done at 0.1mm layers (it's a very small piece) with no infill at all, and with the piece's back flat to the print bed. Of course the way 3D printers work for flat horizontal surfaces is to lay down a mesh of lines, and then to repeat several times - that produced a visible line pattern on the front surface, and as you can see the necrontyr symbol is quite hard to make out.


So I tried again, and this time oriented the symbol as shown on the right, with the front symbol surface at 90 degress to the print bed. As you can see, this gave a much clearer and more translucent effect.

 * Having said that, if I were to do it again, I would probably try standing the piece up on its top surface on the print bed, rather than at an angle!

▲ Here's the set contents! The wall pieces are 13cm long (approx 5"), and can be printed with the necrontyr symbols and wall as one piece (as on the right), or you can choose to print the symbol inserts separately.


Also included are some small joined pieces (shown on the right) to create more variety in your layouts.


At the back we have the two versions of the gun emplacement - both closed and open. The idea with these is that the top four quarters slide out mysteriously and the weapon deploys from inside (you've seen a Transformers movie, right?!). Green gauss death ensues.....

▲ This is just a simple defensive arrangement, with three wall sections, corner joint pieces, and a deployed gun tower.

▲ One last pic here, just to show a scale comparison between the imperial Aegis Defence Line and this Necrontyr version. Obviously, with Necrons being Necrons, the gun has to be a little bigger! 😄


Designing the Necrontyr Defence Walls

2019-07-19 by David

People keep asking for a Necrontyr equivalent to the imperium's Aegis Defence Line, so we're currently printing this little set of walls and accompanying gun turret.

The walls are considerably chunkier than the flimsy imperial wall, as you'd expect from something that's survived millions of years, but are of a similar size.


Gun turrets can be modelled either open with the mysterious energy weapon deployed, or closed with the turret sealed up tight to lie dormant until needed.


Introducing 3D VIKINGS, our new Latvian print partner...

2019-07-16 by David

We're very happy to announce our partnership with a brand new print partner, 3D Vikings, in Latvia. They are now selling print versions of our samurai terrain on their online Etsy store!

They are already offering some of the most popular pieces from our range of samurai terrain, so for those of you who don't have access to a 3D printer, but still want a full tabletop of our feudal-era Japanese terrain, jump on over and see what they've got for you!

New intro video!

2019-07-16 by David

The next few terrain sets (samurai and necrontyr ranges) will be coming soon, but just to tide you over until then, here's a compilation video introducing some of our pieces. We've just added this as our new Facebook header!


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