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Lord's House battle report pics!

2024-06-04 by David

We recently played our first game on the massive new Lord's House battleboard, and I thought some of you might like to see a few of the photos?

▲ We thinned out the terrain slightly, by removing one of the guesthouses and the roofed walkway connecting it to the main house, and then added plenty of cherry blossom trees to the garden to pretty things up. Oh, and a pond!


As the action moved inside the buildings, we removed the roof sections piece by piece for easier access.

▲ We were playing a sneak attack by a group of bandits, using a Test of Honour scenario. The bandits needed to stealthily infiltrate the house, and search 3 chests to find the actual objective they were looking for.

▲ The defenders have a force twice the size of the attacking bandits, but are completely oblivious to the attack. They can only spot things are not as they should be, if enough strange things (shouts, noises etc) happen nearby and they then pass a Test of Wits.

▲ Lord Nobu was just contemplating the beauty of his garden, when this drunk bandit tried to get in an early musket shot at him from under the cherry blossoms. Despite a close miss against the doorframe above him, he failed to spot the attacker, and spent another turn randomly wandering about the house!

▲ Fate smiled on the (oblivious!) defenders, when The Witch reached the first of the objective chests, but decided to ignore the chance to search it in favour of an early kill! She killed 2 of the 3 house spearmen in this unit, and chased the survivor through to the kitchens!


Note the valiant lone spearmen in the toilet (middle of the pic), who actually blocked a search of the chest in the next room, even though he knew nothing about the battle raging nextdoor!

▲ The leader of the bandits similarly decided to spill the blood of the house guards, rather than search the chest immediately. Unbeknownst to her, that chest actually contained the real objective for the game.... which would have given her an early chance to grab it while half the household was still asleep!

▲ Lord Nobu finally noticed the bandit musketmen and archers taking potshots at him from the garden, realised something was amiss, and quickly returned to challenge the enemy leader to deadly combat!

▲ Reinforcements slowly started to arrive for the defenders, and slowly the numbers tipped in favour of the guards. This house archer tried for a lucky shot on a bandit who was sneaking through the house!

▲ The Witch had by this time rampaged through the house, and searched the other two chests only to find them empty, and almost succeeded in dashing back through the house to grab the original chest. Unluckily for her, Lord Nobu was there waiting.... and bloodied his sword one final time!


The bandits would return some day, Lord Nobu knew. In the meantime, there were some surviving household guards who were due for a very painful performance assessment from their boss!


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New side-project... a 1:1 scale hobbit house!

2024-05-31 by David

I'm very pleased to be able to announce our next exciting project today..... a HOBBIT HOUSE!!!


Over the next couple of years I'm going to be building my own underground house here in Aso, Japan, inspired by the fantasy home of Bilbo Baggins in J.R.R. Tolkien's book "The Hobbit". Please join me in this DIY adventure and follow along with my weekly progress videos!!

▲ I'll be posting up regular videos on the new website, so please take a look!


I'd like to invite you to follow on with the YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages - please consider subscribing and following if you can!


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Video for the Lord's House!

2024-05-01 by David

Enjoy the new video for the full Samurai Lord's House model.....


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Roof stands for ninja models - FREE download!

2024-04-27 by David

Have you ever played a game of Test of Honour where you REALLY want to see your ninja assassins creeping across rooftops, and raining down throwing knives on the heads of your enemies? But you can't, or risk the models toppling off the buildings and getting damaged?


Well, today we have a quick solution for you - roof stands!! These are simply negative versions of the roof shapes we use on our samurai buildings, and are designed to snugly fit the slopes and give your models somewhere to balance safely.


▲ Useful in skirmish wargames such as Test of Honour for doing sneak attacks like this, and they fit 25mm round bases perfectly.




▲ Type 1 is designed for fancy roof tiles, such as those found on temples, shrines and castles (like the photo above). It should fit curved and straight roof shapes.

▲ Type 2 is designed for simple roof tiles, such as those found on standard Japanese houses (like the photo above). You might need to mirror the stand, depending on whether your roof tiles go left-to-right, or right-to-left.

▲ The "fancy" roof stands are on the left, and the "simple" roof stands are on the right.


These files are available for FREE download, from our Thingiverse account:


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Samurai Lord's House available NOW!!

2024-03-29 by David

I'm very proud to be releasing the brand new set for the samurai collection today - the HUGE Samurai Lord's House!!


This really is the ULTIMATE gaming board for any samurai wargame or roleplay game, so let's take a look at the terrain inside....


  Samurai Lord's House  

▲ Welcome to the Samurai Lord's House set!! This is a truly massive terrain set, which can be arranged in multiple layouts. The layout we're showing off today in these photos is the real-life layout of the historical Inaba Residence in Oita prefecture, which is what the whole model is based on.


Our version of the model will be displayed here at the studio for a year or so, enough to get some awesome wargames played on it, and then it will probably be heading for display at the historical residence's public museum!

▲ This was a very hard model to photograph, because it's just so enormous! This layout covers 120x120cm (4'x4') with buildings, walkways, walls and gardens. Just look at all that lovely gameplay!

▲ The main gate is quite imposing, and leads to a front courtyard and the main house building (centre of the photo). The outer walls have tall stone bases and that classic wood panelling, while the inner walls have lower stone bases and wooden supports.

In these photos I've also included the street fish ponds, because the real-life historical house has those outside, but please note that these are not included in the set.

▲ This is an aerial view of the main gate and main house building (centre). The main house connects via a corridor piece to the large kitchen building (right) and bedroom residence (top right).


The front courtyard includes small gates in the inner walls, leading left and right. On the left you can see one of the kura storehouses included in the set, and on the right you can see the roof of the water well.

▲ This is the medium-sized gate on the right-hand corner of the front wall. It leads to the kitchen building and surrounding storehouses, and would most likely have been used by staff and lower-status visitors.


The white building on the left is the second of the kura storehouses, which would have contained food stores on the ground floor, and precious items upstairs. The thick clay-covered walls were designed to be fireproof.

▲ The ornamental garden is a key part of the set, and the curving stone paths and sculptured topiary trees are included. In this scene you can see a life-and-death struggle between the Lady and her bodyguards and some sneaky ninja assassins.

▲ The garden is a natural extension of the residence building, where the Lord's family would have slept, with stone steps and carefully arranged views. This would probably also work really well with some ornamental ponds?

▲ Let's take the roof sections off, and see what the interiors look like....


All of the building interiors are fully playable, with detailed interiors and authentic decorations. Each room is connected by multiple sliding doors, allowing for exciting fights from room to room.

▲ Here we can see the 3 interconnected buildings - the bedroom residence (on the right) leads to a corridor section that joins the two-storey kitchen building (left) to the big main house (top centre).


Imagine the desperate fights as your Lord's warriors scramble to defend the house from attackers coming from every direction!

▲ The kitchen also features two narrow staircases leading to an upper storey, and the open floor above the oven area is ideal for sneak attacks!


Right across from the main door of the kitchen is the kura storehouse (left), and the water well supplying the house. Two hole-in-the-floor toilets are hidden away in the kitchen building too - with authentic sliding doors!

▲ Even this long storehouse has 3 entrances and exits, allowing for desperate last stands and objective grabbing!

▲ A view of the whole layout from the side wall. At the very top you can see the stone path leading from the main house to the two guesthouses (top right), and the set also includes covered walkways to keep your guests warm and dry!

▲ With all of the roof sections removed, just look at all the possibilities for strategies and tactical gameplay - chokepoints, defended strongholds, and lines of retreat!

▲ Here's Lord Nobu and his household troops, ready to give a typically warm welcome to his unwanted guests....

▲ This truly is the ULTIMATE skirmish gameboard, and I'm really looking forward to playing my first game on it in a few weeks!

▲ The Samurai Lord's House set is available for download from today!


  Samurai Lord's House  


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