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Samurai walls printed

2018-08-17 by David

The first section of the Samurai Stone Walls set has just come off the printer, and been painted up!

£ This was my goal for the stone walls model - a lower level of rough stones, with a higher level of textured earth plaster, topped by a couple of levels of those distinctive gun-metal grey curved roof tiles.


The set will come with corner pieces and a gateway section, and I'm hoping to construct a real sliding door mechanism! So if I can make it look as authentic as this wall I saw in Akizuki (an hour's drive away), I'll be very happy!

£ The upper section and roof tiles are printed as one 12cm section, standing up on the print bed. No supports are required. This is how my test print came out, although I think buying bronze metallic filament was a mistake for clarity!!


Each section has magnet holes for 5mm rare earth magnets, to keep them neatly clicked together on the battlefield.

£ My printer has a real problem with shaking (I should probably move it to a sturdier table!), so I smoothed over some of the obvious bumps with wood filler.

£ I wanted to spray the upper wall section in stone effect spray, to give it a good textured finish, so the rooftiles had to be quickly masked off.

£ Similarly for the bottom level of rocks, I masked off the parts that didn't need texture spray.

£ After the texture spray had finished, a quick coat of matt black was sprayed over the whole piece.


£ The two levels of wall are designed to be slotted together and separated as you need them.




£ And here's the finished test version. On reflection, I decided to rework the lower level of rocks, to give it more definition and a more realistic finish.


£ After another few hours of work (and much swearing at the software!), the 2nd version of the base had been done, and printed over night.


I think the jump from 1mm to 3mm of depth on the rocks really helps... plus I pushed and pulled and split many parts to give it more "life". Looking forward to painting that up!



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Dave Friend
2019-06-14 (Fri) 20:18PM


2020-01-20 (Mon) 19:04PM

What texture spray do you use ?

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2020-01-20 (Mon) 20:06PM

It's a Japanese one - called Stone Effect. Sorry!

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