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How to add magnets to terrain

2018-06-13 by David

The new Necrontyr Pathway and Bridge Set is now 100% printed, and hitting the paint desk over the next few days. Teaser pics will be going up DAILY on our Facebook page over the next couple of weeks!


In the meantime, here's a quick guide to adding magnets to the Necrontyr terrain pieces. All the modular sets (pyramid, hilss etc) contain printable clips to join terrain pieces together, but for the walkways set I wanted to have an even quicker way of mixing and matching terrain.....




It's a very simple process to magnetise our terrain sets, as the holes are already included. You will need:


  • 5~6mm rare earth magnets, 1.5~2mm thick (Ebay is good for this!)
  • superglue
  • marker pen

£ These are a couple of step pieces from the new set, to which we'll be adding magnets. It's really much, much easier than clips for such a large number of smaller pieces!

£ On each end of the pieces are two holes, designed to hold 5~6mm magnets.

The trick to this job is getting different magnetic polarity on each hole, otherwise your magnets will try to repel each other, instead of clicking together! But it's actually pretty easy....

£ Add some superglue to the right-side hole.

£ Drop a magnet in and push firmly. Add a black dot to the magnet using the marker pen.

£ When the glue is dry and the magnet firmly stuck in, place your other magnets on top. Draw another black dot on the top magnet, but only on that one side.

£ Add superglue to the other hole, and take the top magnet from the right-hand stack. Drop the magnet in the left-hand hole, but with the black dot facing down (into the hole).


On the right-hand stack, draw another dot on the top magnet. Keep doing this every time you take one off.

£ So here's what it should look like when you're finished. NO DOT on the left magnet, BLACK DOT on the right magnet.

As long as you keep to the same pattern on every end piece, all your terrain pieces will neatly click together.


£ Here's a quick shot of four road pieces all magnetised and joined together. That size (5~6mm) of magnet should give the perfect amount of magnetic pull. Pieces slide together and can be moved around the table as a group, but will not pull out the magnets when separated.



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