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Necrontyr Pyramid available NOW!! >>

Printed pyramid!

2018-05-10 by David

Finally, FINALLY the great Necrontyr pyramid has been fully printed, in all its numerous parts!


This massive structure will be hitting the paint desk over the next few days (with some glossy pics to follow), but for those of you who just can't wait, it's now available for download NOW:



Necrontyr Pyramid 



So although you'll have to wait a little longer for some painted pics, today we have some of the photos of the printed pyramid. This was printed at 0.16mm (0.2mm for some internal support sections), and the pictures show the model BEFORE any sanding has been done - so these pics are fresh off the printer!





3-level, modular Necron-themed pyramid, printable in 120mm sections. All the sections have been designed to use a minimum of plastic, but even so we went through about 1kg of PLA filament to print this MASSIVE structure and all of the extra half sections and optional dice tunnels etc.! Each section weighs somewhere around 60~80g.




This is the "door" version of the doorway, as opposed to the "steps" version in the previous pic. There are two door versions in the files - a solid door (shown above) and a cutout version to allow the use of LEDs. Just wait for those printed and LED-ed pics in a few days!!!


Jason the unpainted Necron, modelling our very chunky doorway. Large enough to scare any foe wanting to enter! (the doorway, not Jason).

You can also place LEDs at the top of the steps inside, by the way, to light the entrance. Actually, I think that should be a requirement, not an option!!


If space on your table is limited (and believe me, it will be very, VERY full after the whole Necrontyr range is ready!), then why not downsize your pyramid?

This is the smaller 2-level version. Still large enough to hide a tank behind!


Or why not just print several of the top sections, and use them as small buildings?

Even at only 10cm tall, this still looks pretty big!



Perhaps this is the photo you've been waiting to see?

The interior of the lower level uses minimal plastic but is structured in a way to give maximum support. All the support struts provide placement slots for the higher level, and clips neatly join the bottom and top of each piece. Alternatively all of these pieces also feature holes for magnets too, for super quick swap-outs.

The mid-level sections also feature clip slots and magnet holes.

Another option for the mid-level is to replace two corner sections with this cool dice box and tunnel. All the files are provided to let you throw loads of dice in the back of the pyramid (there is also an optional "bucket" that can be stuck on to the outside), and have them come tumbling out the front steps on the other side.


In this picture you can also see the optional light bracket, slotted in to the support pillar inside the dice tunnel. You can rest your choice of LED light on that for some interior lighting effects!



Finally for today, here's how the dice tunnel looks with the top section in place.


Phew - that was fun!


Right, it's off to the paint desk for me....


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Necrontyr Pyramid available NOW!! >>
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