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Necrontyr Walkways & Bridge Set Complete!

2018-04-03 by David

With the new 3D printer being processed and prepared for shipping as we speak, I'm starting to think about which items should go to the front of the print queue. So many to choose from, so where to start?


Today we're releasing details and pics of the latest set for the Necrontyr range - a very functional variety of walkways and bridges. These will do the job of tying together many of the Necrontyr structures on your boards, and make it look a whole lot more like a lived in 'City of the Dead'....

In this picture you can see some of the major elements of the set, and how it might look when used in conjunction with our Necrontyr pyramid, for example. This set contains a small extra walkway piece which fits neatly inside the doorway of the pyramid, giving a smooth connection. It's almost like we planned it that way, huh?....

Here are the 3 main walkway pieces (straight, T-junction and X-junction), and also a small extra sloped piece that can be used to blend the ends of walkways to the tabletop more smoothly.

Each of the main sections is approximately 120mm in length, and features the engraved markings common to our whole range. Each piece also includes ready-made holes for 4~5mm magnets, for quick and accurate joining of pieces.


Alternatively, each piece also features a slot for the joining clips, which are included in the set.


£ This images shows two straight pieces joined together, with the optional plinths and columns used above each join. This shows the "number 7" type of column (which is reversible)...

... while this picture £ shows the larger curved "rib" type of column with Necrontyr symbol. The plinths and columns are removable, so your walkways can look different for each game.

£ Also included in the set are these large support columns, which will raise your walkways up approximately 75mm. These large supports are also reversible, and do not need to be permanently glued to the walkways - so they should be very multipurpose.

£ But what good are bridges without steps, and these feature some Necron-inspired engravings too, to bring your models back down to the tabletop in style.

£ A second, shorter version of the steps is also included in the set, which only drops 25mm down - perfect when used in conjunction with our 50mm height Necrontyr Modular Hill Set, which allows for multilevel gaming!


Finally, a second version of the plinth has also been included, featuring a Necrontyr symbol on the side. So you don't necessarily need a column on top of each plinth to make it look good!



Phew.... there are actually only a few more designs we're planning for the Necrontyr range, so pretty much everything should become available for download in a few short weeks!  (...finally)


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Richard Morton
2019-10-12 (Sat) 15:30PM

There are no corner pieces on the walkways!

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2019-10-13 (Sun) 9:35AM

Sorry, Richard! Egyptian processional roads tended not to have them either, so I didn't think of it.

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