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<< Samurai Ruined Castle Wall available NOW!

Samurai Ruined Stone Wall available NOW!

2021-04-05 by David

Hot on the heels of yesterday's Ruined Castle Wall release, we have another ruined model for you to take a look at! The Ruined Stone Wall section is officially released today!


  Samurai Ruined Stone Wall  

Tora-san the old beggar does a lot of wandering. Today he's looking for somewhere to spend the night, and can't help but peek inside this broken section of wall for somewhere cosy to rest his head.


The ruined stone wall is a 4-part model, with 2 sections of highly detailed upper walls, and 2 base sections. Together they make a perfect 120mm length of broken wall to fit the Stone Walls set.

Tora-san thinks this might be a safe place to spend the night, as the rubble is covered in broken tiles which haven't been tidied in a long time. Before long the bamboo and twine in the walls will probably fall apart, too!

If you want a lower wall, you can also remove the stone bases and make a man-high gap to hide behind.

Here's an example of the ruined wall pieces used on the ends of a corner section from the Stone Walls set. A great little place to take cover!

Or you could simply use the ruined wall pieces on their own, to make a small section of long-abandoned wall. Tora-san the beggar is not too impressed with this one - looks a bit dangerous!


The Ruined Stone Wall section is available for download now:


  Samurai Ruined Stone Wall  


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2021-04-07 (Wed) 12:05PM

Well done! I am sure this could also be used with more modern era miniatures such as Pacific theater WII.

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<< Samurai Ruined Castle Wall available NOW!
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