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Printing and assembling the fusion reactor

2021-02-02 by David

Printing is now complete on the 3rd of our Tau-themed sci-fi terrain models - the Taui Fusion Reactor!


Assembly is pretty simple, but here are some tips and suggestions for getting the most out of this large terrain piece.....

The base can be printed as one piece for those that have large enough printers (25cm² bed), or as 4 separate pieces which all fit on to a smaller 12.5cm² print bed.

Next you'll need two side towers. These fit neatly at each end.

Next come the big pieces! To print these as one piece prints, you'll need 27cm of available print height, but of course smaller cut versions have also been included.


I printed every piece of this model at 100% infill, because I'm using clear filament for LEDs. The walls are only 2mm thick, so printing at 100% infill doesn't make much difference to the amount of filament used.

The final two pieces are the computer terminal and the central reactor core. These are the only pieces that require print supports, and should be printed as oriented in the files if possible.



Here's the finished and assembled model, which towers 27cm (11") high. It is 30cm x 16cm (12" x 6.5") large at the base. It's hard to see the sculpted detail with this clear blue filament, but there are some lines and alien text dotted around the model. These will be much clearer on the painted version!


One unusual feature of this design is that it's hollow! Every piece, from the big towers, to the small monitor terminal and reactor core, is designed for LEDs and wiring to be inserted if you want to. It's not essential to do that, of course, but I thought it was fun to give you that option.




A quick test of some string LEDs pushed through the central reactor core. Those holes are 5mm in diameter, by the way, which should allow most small LEDs to fit.


How big is it? Pretty big!


It's larger even than this Eldar wraithknight model, and has space for maybe 20 infantry models behind the walls, so should provide decent cover options for your tables.


The fusion reactor will be hitting the paint desk this week, and should be released very soon (along with another Taui design!). Watch this space.....


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Troy Lanning
2021-02-08 (Mon) 11:08AM

so excited for this!

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-02-08 (Mon) 11:12AM

Hi Troy! Awesome to hear - and you're gonna love the next annnouncement too! More Taui, more GUNSSSSS!

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