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Necrontyr Pyramid complete!

2018-03-20 by David

We've been dropping previews all week on our Facebook page of the various parts that make up this modular Necron-themed pyramid, and today it's time to reveal the whole thing!


* A quick note to again apologise for the delay in getting these files to you! Once again we've been informed of yet more delays in the shipping of our 3D printer, and until we actually run test prints of all our models and have the actual photos of printed items for you to look at, we don't feel comfortable offering them for sale.


One upside to this is that pretty much ALL of our planned Necrontyr range will have been completed by the time the printer arrives, so there won't be any more waiting around for you. You'll soon have enough to cover a whole 6x4' table in Necron-themed terrain for super low cost! 

This is your basic 3-level pyramid, with eight 12cm pieces making up the lower level, four pieces on the mid level, and one piece on the top level. Tabletop footprint will be 36cm, with a total height of 30cm.

Since the pieces are modular, you can quickly swap out straight sections. The pyramid above features the Necrontyr symbol cut out in the doorway, rather than the steps, but both benefit from having an LED light inside, producing an awesome backlit glow effect.

Here's a close-up of the doorway, with the cut out symbol. Engravings either side of the doorway are also featured in a larger size up the sides of the pyramid, and you could paint these in a variety of ways.

On the rear of this pyramid, you can see the large "dice bucket", which is another modular piece offered with this set. You pour your dice in the rear of the pyramid, and they come tumbling down the front steps and onto your table.


The bucket piece itself is a detachable option, in case you prefer to keep the strict pyramid shape. Of course, the interior also features post-mounted brackets for LED tealights, so you can add more glow to your table!

A close-up of the steps section. This particular version of the pyramid has the dice tower on the other side of the pyramid, so your dice would be tumbling down these green-lit steps.

A view from the dice bucket side of the pyramid. All the internal geometry has been carefully designed to bounce dice down the tunnel.

A regular straight section. The use of 3D printer materials is very minimal, each piece is designed to print without supports, and the modular pieces can either be joined together using the included clips... or you could go mad and mount rare earth magnets in the included socket holes!

Ground-level corner piece. There are two designs of engravings on these corners, so it's not just a mirrored version of the same piece.

The cut-out Necrontyr symbol version of the doorway. Even without internal LED lighting, it looks good.

Second version of the doorway, this time with a solid door.

The steps piece. The steps end above the top lintel of the door, so no unsightly gaps!

Mid-level corner piece. As for the ground level corners, there are two distinct versions of each corner, not just mirrored components.

Pyramid top piece. I am SO looking forward to painting this part - shining gold for me, I think!

The dice bucket pieces - actually comprised of 3 separate elements; left corner, right corner, and optional "bucket".

For some added functionality, these half-sections are also included. Using these pieces, you can choose to create half pyramids, and then line them up on the table edges, leaving you more table space for the other great Necrontyr designs!

As promised, this set is completely modular, and you can go totally mad with a gigantic 5-level pyramid if you want!


This has 5 pieces to each side on the ground level, giving it a massive 60cm table footprint, and a total height of 50cm!


If that enormous pyramid doesn't intimidate your opponents on the tabletop, then nothing will, eh?!


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