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2019 in review....

2019-12-27 by David

What a great year it's been!!! After the early Necrontyr releases of the previous year, 2019 saw plenty more releases for both the Necrontyr and Samurai ranges, plus two new ranges. Here's our 2019 in review.....




£ A quick afternoon's project to design a functional LED lantern model (rushing to finish it for a game scenario the next day!) became one of our bestseller items : the Wooden Lantern.

£ Our little samurai world expanded into the rural setting, with this Wooden Wall set.





£ In February we released this set of 5 scenic samurai bridges.





£ Thanks to a suggestion from a customer (thanks, Dan Sorber!), we made this decorative dice tray and removable dice tower. And then we gave one to Dan to say thanks!


£ Our original inspiration for 3d terrain finally made it to the print queue, and we released this High Elf House & Tower.


£ One of our customers requested a set of scatter terrain that could be used as substitutes for the human-themed KillTeam: Arena items, so this set was the result!

£  On a personal note, March was when I bought this quake-damaged old house in the middle of the Japanese countryside, 2km from the Mount Aso active volcano. Knock-down price, hopefully not knock-down house!


I plan to renovate over the next couple of years, and then maybe use it as a workshop, gaming club and retail space.






£ This set of modular canal-side pieces and ferry boats was designed to work together with the recently-released bridges.



£ This set of farmyard bits and pieces took quite a while to 3d-model, but you guys seem to like the variety of items. It's currently in our top 5 most popular items!





£ To go with June's farmyard set release, this large set of modular samurai farmhouses lets you build pretty much any type of rural dwelling!

£ Another frequently-requested item by customers was this set of low defensive walls. I couldn't help adding some gun emplacements, too!





£ Perhaps the most photogenic of our terrain pieces, this ornamental pond set could be resized to make a variety of layouts.





£ Our biggest piece for the samurai range so far, this large castle corner tower was a pretty authentic match to the real Kumamoto Castle yagura tower.





£ Just a little extra to match the samurai farmhouses, this set of tatami mat bases is our second set of themed bases for samurai models.

£  AUS30K approached us with a partnership suggestion, to sell downloads of the designs from their recent Eldar-inspired kickstarter project. Happily, 3DAlienWorlds seemed an obvious fit!!


This was the first of their designs, recut for easier printing - the Soaring Eagle Shrine.





£ The second building, the Brilliant Lance Shrine, introduced more weird shapes to the Eldari range!

£ The third and largest building from the Eldari range, this Exodite Hut is a real line-of-sight blocker.





£ Finally for 2019, this massive samurai gatetower overtook the corner tower as the biggest piece for feudal Japan yet!



Thank you EVERYBODY, for your support over the past 12 months! Your reviews, comments, suggestions and awesome feedback are what keeps this stuff coming month after month - see you in 2020!!!!


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