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Painting the samurai farmhouses

2019-07-04 by David

Here's a painting guide on how to quickly paint up those lovely textured surfaces on the new samurai farmhouses, using simple drybrushing techniques and washes!


Before starting, all of the buildings were undercoated with matt spray paints:


  • Brown - wood
  • Ivory/cream - thatch
  • Sand - tatami


Additionally, the backs of the shoji screen doors were undercoated in white, as they are mostly paper.



Tatami mats :


The tatami mats were undercoated in a sand-coloured paint (Iyanden Darksun by Games Workshop). I was aiming for a fairly dark colour of well-used tatami. If you want freshly-made tatami, try an ivory/cream undercoat.


A thick sepia-coloured wash is next (Seraphim Sepia by GW).

When the wash is completely dry, give the mats a drybrush of sand-coloured paint (Tausept Ochre by GW), and then a very light drybrush of light beige (Rakarth Flesh by GW).

Finish the tatami mats by painting the side trim in a bold colour. Green or navy are typical colours for tatami.



Wood :

I undercoated my buildings in a medium brown, which made me hungry - they looked just like chocolate! Then I heavily drybrushed them in a slightly lighter shade of brown, with a 4cm-wide paintbrush.

I mixed up a large pot of homemade brown wash (similar to Agrax Earthshade), and painted all wooden surfaces with a heavy wash.

When the wash was completely dry, I used a light beige/brown to drybrush all over the wooden houses, using a large 4cm-wide paintbrush. This was the finished version of the wood, except for some final smaller washes done later on to weather the wood.



Stones :

The wooden roof sections have rocks modelled on, and I used the same colour process for the flat stones underneath the wall corner posts. First a basecoat of light grey, with a fairly large brush....

... and then a heavy wash of dark brown around and over the rocks. At this stage I also added extra brown washes on a few individual planks on the walls and roof, to give more contrast.


Finally, I added a few touches of green wash to the bottom of rocks and crevices in the wood, to simulate mould where the sunlight would not reach often. This helps to give a great aged effect to my ramshackle buildings.




Some of the houses have dried mud walls, and I decided to paint these in a rough off-white finish. This was achieved by a very light grey base coat, and then a few passes of white paint stippled on. Other colours commonly used were light sandy yellow, greys or khaki greens.




This was actually the part I'd been looking forward to most! The thatched sections were given an ivory/cream spray undercoat....

.... and then a heavy sepia wash (Seraphim Sepia by GW) with a large brush.

After comparing the thatch roof with the brown of the wooden buildings, I decided to give another heavy wash to dirty it up a little, this time using my homemade dark brown wash (similar to Agrax Earthshade). Be warned - this uses quite a bit of wash!

Finally, I added another few patches of dark brown wash, and a few streaks of thin green wash towards the bottom edge of the thatch, where mould typically starts to grow.


Painted pics to follow tomorrow!!



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2019-07-04 (Thu) 16:04PM

Without words...., great work and good information

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2019-07-04 (Thu) 16:33PM

Wow, Antonio - you commented before I'd even finished writing captions for the photos! haha

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