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Printing the modular farmhouses

2019-06-12 by David

Lots of sections for the modular samurai farmhouse have been rolling off the printer these past few weeks, prototyping and tweaking, and now we have some final version pics to show you!


(We had a partially clogged nozle for some of the pieces, so please forgive the occasional rough section and a few extra holes!!)

£ There are 3 different exterior finishes in the farmhouse set, allowing you to customize the look of your buildings so no two need ever look the same! Here are the 3 finishes (from left to right):


  1. Vertical wood planks
  2. Dried mud walls
  3. Mud walls with waist-high horizontal wooden slats

£ For each of the 3 exterior finishes listed above, there are 6 different sections available! Yes, that's a total of 18 different wall sections (and another 16 end walls!!). Here are the first three, from left to right:


  • Open shutter window section
  • Vertical wood bar window
  • Closed shutter window section

£ ... and then there are these:


  • Shoji (paper screen) doorway
  • Sliding door doorway
  • Solid wall section


The shoji screen doorway has a slightly higher frame, to match the interior tatami sections (more on that later). All the above sections were printed at 0.1mm layers, but as you can see the clogged nozzle caused a few minor hiccups!

£ In addition to the 18 main wall sections, which create the side walls of each house, there are 16 end walls too. All 3 exterior finishes are recreated here too, with matching doorways and windows.


On the far right you can see the special shoji screen doorway section, which is a double-frame end wall.

£ Here is a simple mud-walled farmhouse. Construction is pretty simple - decide how long you'd like your building to be, and print that number of 4cm chunks. In the house above, I printed 3 wall sections (a doorway and two window sections), and then added two end walls.

£ This is a slightly fancier farmhouse building, with wooden slats covering the lower part of the exterior walls.



£ Perhaps the most 'rural' of the farmhouses, this will be a wooden exterior finish.


As you can see, the interior walls are also textured with a gentle bumpy surface and wood beams - ideal for quick painting. The floor surface is also subtly textured, although this house will be upgraded with some additional wooden and tatami flooring .... more on that later!

£ The grandest of my houses will be this long four-section building. I plan to include lots of tatami mats in this house, so I added plenty of shoji screen doorways. Those four doorways on the left will have a wrap-around balcony corridor later on.

£ Most peasant farmhouses in rural Japan only had one storey, but you could always add an extra level if you really wanted to go big!


£ For the regular sized 3-section houses, this would be one version of the roof. You simply print one less main roof section than the walls (so 2 in this case), and then print 2 end roof sections. I printed all the roof sections at 0.2mm layers.


This roof version is the gable-end thatched version, with a mud-wall (a wooden version is also included). There will also be a hip-gable end version of this roof, which is a distinctly Japanese style of roof, and a poorer wooden planking version. Stay tuned for those pics!




£ Here's a glimpse of the first completed farmhouse. Note the shallow stones under each of the supporting posts - these can be added to to richer dwellings, to give even more authenticity to your buildings!


Lots more pics coming soon!!

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2019-06-12 (Wed) 14:16PM

It’s all so cool! I can’t wait, my printer is going to be busy!!!

Andrew Collyer
2019-06-12 (Wed) 20:00PM

Love the designs and flexibility to make a great looking village. The other prints are great and these too will be on my list to make

2019-06-12 (Wed) 22:27PM

Waiting for the exit. My poor machine is going to ask for rest :)

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2019-06-13 (Thu) 11:58AM

Thanks, gents, for your comments! Excited to release these!!!

John D'Alton
2019-06-18 (Tue) 20:35PM

Very impressive, I will be buying these!

2019-07-04 (Thu) 1:22AM

My printer is running around the clock printing this set. The only slowly me down is running out of PLA. Compared to other companys. You got the straw roofs down perfect. Currently trying to figure how to make them on Saxon house.

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<< Introducing HEGEMONY, our new print partner in Greece...
Assembling the samurai farmhouse >>
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