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Samurai Bridges available NOW!!

2019-02-15 by David

We've been counting down the new bridges set on our Facebook page, with a sneak peek every day! Here at last are all the painted photos of the bridges from the 5-bridge set.... the feudal Japanese era Samurai Bridges Set is now available for download!


  Samurai Bridges Set  



£ Here's the whole set for a size comparison, with all five bridges. From the left, we have:


  • Basic wooden bridge
  • Big wooden bridge
  • Stone bridge
  • Wooden bridge
  • Peasant's plank bridge


£ The biggest bridge is this massive wooden bridge. At 24cm long, it prints in 3 main pieces, and then has finial knobs and supports to glue on.


I had some fun posing this photo, using blocks from the Castle Walls Set, the gateway from the Wooden Walls Set, Lanterns and Stone Walls Set. The water, I have to admit, is not a real piece of terrain. It's a realistic photo of water, cut to fit and slid into place. Sorry!


At some time in the future, there'll probably be a canal set which can be used to show of this grand bridge!


£ A higher-angle photograph to show off the width of the bridge. It's 10cm wide, with an internal width of just over 8cm - big enough for solid blocks of troops.


This bridge was printed at 0.2mm layers, which is perfect for producing the woodgrain patterns on the planks, and then carefully drybrushed and aged with brown and green washes.



£ This is the smaller wooden bridge from the set. This was printed at 0.1mm layers, and again comes with optional bridge supports. I simply cut this support to fit my river terrain. The orangey-red colour is the 'official' colour for bridges leading to shrines, but could also be used for ornamental gardens.


I chose to paint the finial knobs as iron rather than aged copper, as I was too scared to mess up my bridge with light green copper tarnish! Maybe next time....



£ Slightly longer than the 13cm wooden bridge, this 16cm stone bridge suits gardens, castles or towns, and adds some instant "age" to your table! I recommend putting some gentle green and brown washes into the crevices after a light grey drybrush, to simulate moss and general dirt and discolouration of the stone slabs.

£ This little wooden bridge is actually the same bridge as the red shrine bridge above, but without the handrails. It's a very quick 2-part print.


If you want to accentuate the age of your wooden bridge to make it look like rougher/older wood planks, then try printing at 0.2mm layers (like this one) instead of 0.1mm (the red one above). Either will look fantastic!


£ This is the final bridge from the set - a rough plank bridge quickly thrown together to let farmers and peasants cross streams. This one was printed in four 8cm sections at 0.2mm layers, and even includes realistic bending on the planks. You can extend the bridge to whatever length you need, and simply cut the support legs to the right height.


In our first game using the bridges last week, my ashigaru spearmen managed to get themselves shot while running across this bridge, and it seemed only fair to test to see if they fell off ..... which of course they did! Very funny!! Laughing



£ This town must have too much tax money to spend - 5 bridges in this small space! I couldn't help posing this photo with some samurai warriors and my favourites... NINJA!!!


£ A quick size comparison of the set contents, although you can of course resize them on your printer to fit your terrain. Optional supports are also included for each bridge.


The Samurai Bridges Set is available for download from today!


  Samurai Bridges Set  


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<< Samurai Bridges printed
Introducing Master Crafted, our new UK print partner... >>
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