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Samurai Tatami Bases available NOW!

2019-10-12 by David

Our second set of themed bases is released today - the Samurai Tatami Bases Set is officially available for download today!


  Samurai Tatami Bases  

▲ Fresh off the paint desk, the set contains 25mm bases, 40mm bases and a 60mm group base for Test of Honour. Lipped rings for use with Bushido are also included.

▲ The 60mm group base is particularly cool, because.....

▲ ... the tatami texture is continued in the inset holes, too! So as your group members take casualities, it still looks good.

▲ All bases include a small hole underneath suitable for 5mm x 1mm magnets, for players wishing to magnetise their models.

The set of tatami mat bases is available for download today!


  Samurai Tatami Bases  

Painting tatami bases

2019-10-11 by David

Here's a quick step-by-step guide to painting tatami mat textures, for the new tatami mat bases set!

▲ 1. Fill in any gaps you don't want. I printed my bases in PLA, in multiple parts for each base. The join lines don't really bother me (as they're quite authentically 'tatami'), but since I'll be gifting these bases to a friend, I thought I'd better neaten them up. So I dabbed a little bit of woodfiller putty on the bigger gaps and smoothed them in with a wet finger.

▲ 2. I base-coated them in a creamy flesh tone colour, with a couple of coats. For the farmhouses I actually started with a sandy yellow and drybrushed up in lighter tones, but for these I wanted a slightly fresher looking tatami (because tatami mats yellow with age) and planned only to use washes.

▲ 3. Next came 3 (yes, three!!) coats of sepia wash, letting each one dry between washes. This brings out the texture of the tatami prints nicely. Sorry, in this pic I think the contrast with the white table made the camera take a darker shot than the real versions.

▲ 4. Tatami mats are normally bordered in strips of thick fabric, usually navy blue or green in colour. If you want to really go to town, you could add faint flecks of gold thread embroidery in repeating patterns, too!




▲ 5. As a final stage, I washed the fabric borders (both blue AND green) in a brown wash, to deepen the shadows and to dull down the colours slightly. After all, they're not supposed to be too bright.


With that, they were done!

I painted up this wonderful onna-bugeisha (female warrior samurai) model, by Warlord Games, and mounted it on this tatami base. Looks pretty nifty as a shrine maiden!

Printing tatami bases

2019-10-10 by David

It was a while ago since we made any base sets, when we released our zen garden bases to go with the accompanying zen garden terrain set. So I thought, with the recent release of the farmhouse set (and the upcoming castle!!!), it was a good time to add to the range of bases.


This upcoming set of tatami mat bases are designed for a variety of games - Test of Honour and Bushido among them. Using the tatami mat file from the farmhouses, and some 3d software magic, we now have round and square bases in 25mm, 40mm, and a large 60mm group base for Test of Honour....

▲ The bases in the photograph above are both 40mm bases. Can you guess the difference?


The base on the RIGHT was printed in one piece, flat to the print bed, in PLA filament. It didn't really work at all, as I expected. Due to the layered print process of an FDM printer, the detail just doesn't work, even at this 0.1mm layer resolution.


The base on the LEFT was printed in 4 parts (see below), and the print lines were oriented to the lines of the tatami mat. It wasn't a fast process, maybe 80 minutes at 0.1mm resolution, but the result was much, much better. Then you simply glue together.


For those of you printing in resin, you can obviously just go ahead and print the whole, one-piece version of the base. But for the majority of you printing in PLA, alternate versions of the files are provided, with the bases neatly cut up for perfect printing.




▲ Here's an example of the printing process for a square 40mm base on a FDM printer (my Tevo Tornado). I recommend printing with a brim, to prevent the upright pieces from wobbling.


All bases have a hole in the underside suitable for a 5mm x 1mm magnet.

▲ Finally, for today, here are a few base versions from the set. We have round lipped base surrounds suitable for Bushido players, in 30mm, 40mm and 50mm sizes. Resizing guidelines can be found on the product description page for the tatami bases.

The very cool 60mm group base for Test of Honour players is rolling off the printer as we speak, so we'll have finished and painted photos for you very soon. Watch this space!


Introducing WOOFOO WORKSHOP, our new UK print partner...

2019-10-05 by David

My goodness, we have a third new print shop partnership to announce this month!!! We are proud to announce that WOOFOO WORKSHOP is now selling print versions of our Samurai range in the UK, with more being added all the time.


Please check out their Etsy and Ebay stores to see the available models:



Introducing THE MAGNET BARON, our new Californian print partner...

2019-10-03 by David

We have something rather interesting to announce today - we have a brand new print partner based out of California, THE MAGNET BARON. They are now selling print versions of our Necrontyr terrain on their online store.... and they print in ferro-magnetic material!


That means that your models with magnetized bases WILL STICK TO IT!!!!! That sounds awesome!! Finally your space marines can activate their much-vaunted mag-lock boots, just like in the books.

They are already offering all of the most popular pieces from our range, so for those of you who don't have access to a 3D printer, but still want a full tabletop of our sci-fi Necron-themed terrain, jump on over and see what they've got for you!


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