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Introducing XP FORGE, our new US print partner...

2019-12-09 by David

We have a new print partner to announce, XP FORGE, from Georgia USA. They are now selling print versions of our Samurai terrain on their Etsy webstore!

They are the very first US printer to offer our new Castle Corner Tower, so for those of you who don't have access to a 3D printer, but still want a full tabletop of our themed terrain, jump on over and see what they've got for you!

Designing the castle gatetower

2019-12-03 by David

We're slowly building up to the big samurai castle, but before that there is one major feature of a castle layout that still remains... the main gatetower!


Here's an early CG render of the layout, which will be approximately 24cm² in table footprint. The style of the gatetower will match that of the recently released Castle Corner Tower, with wooden panelling covering much of the walls, and those distinctive slopes projecting over the sides of the foundation walls.

The interior of the gatetower is quite large, and fully textured as always. There are two entrances to the building, one at each end, and the main gate underneath leads to a sloping tunnel which then splits into two further paths to the left and right.


As always, this is designed to be used in conjunction with the Castle Walls Set, and can be used in several layout combinations.


Eldari Exodite Hut available NOW!

2019-11-15 by David

The third (and biggest!) terrain piece from our new Eldari collection is released today, in collaboration with AUS30K - the Eldari Exodite Hut is now officially available for download!


  Eldari Exodite Hut  


Some very weird alien styling going on there, eh? And yes, those gems WERE quite tedious to paint..... 😂

The landing pad platform on top is large enough to fit an Aeldari vehicle, such as this Falcon grav tank.

I couldn't resist posing this photo, of the Farseer atop his new digs!

"Go forth and eradicate the human interlopers from this world!"

The Eldari Exodite Hut is available for download today!


  Eldari Exodite Hut  


Printing the Exodite Hut

2019-11-11 by David

Whoa... this was a BIG print! I chose to print this new Eldari model at 0.1mm layers, and it took a loooong time! I'd probably recommend trying it at 0.2mm layers instead, but my printer's been acting up a bit recently :(


Anyway, here is the printed Eldari Exodite Hut, ready for the paint desk.....

The dome is printed in 4 parts, and supports are only needed for those two 'horns' at the front.

The landing pad part is printed in two sections, and simply glued together. I'm not going to glue this yet, as I think painting those gems will need full access to the underside of the pad.

Finally, you need to print 5 of these spires to go around the outside of the landing pad. They have been split into two halves, and a small amount of supports are required.




Here's the completed building, with a Dark Reaper for scale.


Hopefully I can get this painted up and available for download by the end of the week!


Eldari Brilliant Lance Shrine available NOW!

2019-11-01 by David

The second terrain piece from our new Eldari collection is released today, in collaboration with AUS30K - the Eldari Brilliant Lance Shrine is officially available for download today!


  Eldari Brilliant Lance Shrine  

▲ This is a very distinctive shape, don't you think?! The first thing people think of when they see this is "eldar helmet", and that's very deliberate, as this building is ideal for representing a Shining Spears jetbike warrior shrine!

▲ Okay, so perhaps my paint job on this one really, REALLY pushed the 'helmet' crest to an extreme, but I enjoyed the colour-change on the coppery-gold, and it made a nice counter-point to the creamy white wraithbone of the rest of the building.

▲ The platforms and doors on the upper levels are very interesting, I think. Can you guess what they're for?




Here's your answer.......

▲ Yes, they are in fact jetbike parking platforms. As you can see from the pic, you can in fact 'park' jetbikes on those posts and make them look like they're levitating. A nice touch, I thought! Well done, AUS30K, for such an original design!


Looking forward to printing the third building - the Exodite Hut.


The Brilliant Lance Shrine is available for download today!


  Eldari Brilliant Lance Shrine  


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