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Zen Garden Bases

2018-10-18 by David

To go along with our newly-released Zen Garden set, we're also creating a set of zen garden-themed bases for all your wargaming needs!

There will be 10 designs for 25mm bases, available in both round and square shapes.


If you join the 25mm square bases together, they combine to make a great little unit base!


There will also be 40mm round and square bases included in the set, plus 3-model 60mm group bases designed for Test of Honour, and round lipped bases (30mm / 40mm / 50mm) for Bushido.


Samurai Zen Garden available NOW!!

2018-10-13 by David

Autumn has finally arrived after a long, hot summer here in Japan, so here are some autumnal pics of the freshly painted Samurai Zen Garden set - available for download today!!


  Samurai Zen Garden  




▲This is the most basic parts of the set. The zen garden piece is designed to fit into a corner of a garden, and is a one-piece print. The corner wall and straight wall sections are also included.


▲ Here's where the magic happens... if you print two of the zen gardens, you can back them onto each other to make this much larger garden, and the stone patterns are designed to disguise the joins as much as possible.


You could also print three pieces, and have them lap around a corner wall in an L-shape!


Or go totally nuts and print four pieces, and make one huge rock garden.

▲ Here's a close-up of the stone patterns, which are designed to look like ripples in water around the two large rock pieces. A simple drybrush of white over light grey brought out the lines perfectly!

▲ Obligatory photo of samurai duelling in the garden. Those monks will be SO mad!

▲ Two rock lanterns are also included in the set - a rough rock lantern (left) and a carved stone lantern (right), which can be printed and placed anywhere. We used the lanterns to disguise the join in the central moss area.


Those two extra rocks in the background are also included in the set, and can be printed at whatever size you need and used to expand the boundaries of the garden.

▲ These two just don't quit, eh?!

▲ Autumn in the garden, with a kimono-clad lady visiting the shrine across the road...



 ▲ These are the set contents (printed at 0.1mm layers) - now go and download it!!


  Samurai Zen Garden  


Samurai Zen Garden printed

2018-10-12 by David

Well, that was surprisingly easy! The zen garden printed without any real problems (except an adjustment knob falling off the printer Yell), so here is a photo of the set pieces, printed at 0.1mm layers.


I'm hoping the painting goes just as smoothly, so the design should be available in a few days!


Designing the zen garden

2018-10-09 by David

The next terrain piece for our growing samurai range is currently being finished up, and some smaller test prints have been very successful!


The samurai-inspired zen rock garden will mostly be a single large print plus some little accessories, designed to fit on print beds as small as 125mm. Of course you can choose to scale the design up if you want it bigger, but it has also been designed as one quarter of a larger layout.....



▲ This first cg render shows the one piece print. Two of the sides are straight edged, and can be used just like this with the head-height stone walls (also included in the set), neatly tucked into a corner.


Those two stone lanterns are additional extras included in the set; one lantern is a neatly carved decorative stone lantern (in white), and the second is a rougher, more weathered rock lantern (in grey, at the back). You can print those separately and add them wherever you like in the garden.



▲ Or, if you want something bigger, you can print 2, 3 or even 4 copies of the same zen garden piece and back them all together. The design even features small holes for tiny magnets, to get a tight fit on your tabletop. The picture above show the design of a 4 piece print, with that large central moss bed being an ideal place to add additional rocks or lanterns.


Looking forward to printing this out soon....


Print Partner : RMC Gaming

2018-10-08 by David

We are very proud to introduce our first print partner in the USA..... RMC Gaming out of Ohio!!!

RMC Gaming will be stocking our Necrontyr range, and the full range will be appearing on their webshop in the near future. So for those of you who don't have access to a 3D printer, but still want a full tabletop of our Necron-themed terrain, jump on over and see what they've got for you!


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