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Commercial License

3DAlienWorlds is currently offering commercial licenses for printers and retailers, by arrangement only. A license authorizes you to sell 3D prints of our designs for profit.



The rules of the license agreement:


  • You may purchase and download any of our designs.
  • You may produce and sell physical prints via your shop / website / ebay store etc.
  • You may set your own prices for selling prints.
  • You may NOT resell STL / OBJ files.
  • You may NOT create moulds and casts from our designs.
  • We require a royalty fee from the sale price of each print sold by you, payable monthly or quarterly.
  • You can not claim that the designs were designed by you.
  • The description "Design by 3DAlienWorlds" is welcome.
  • You may freely use painted and unpainted product photographs from our website.
  • The licensing agreement between us may be canceled at any time, but in this case you lose the right to sell our works, even if you still have the source files.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the licensing agreement for users who break its rules.
  • The number of active commercial licenses is strictly limited.




Currently, our 3D printable terrain ranges include:



Necrontyr Sci-Fi Egyptian Tech





Japanese Feudal-era Samurai





Taui Advanced Sci-Fi





Eldari Sci-Fi Space Elf





High Elf Fantasy



If you are interested in becoming a print partner, please contact us today!



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