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Samurai Market Stalls Set

Latest Blog News

Designing the samurai ruined hut It's time to announce the next design on the release schedule - a ruined hut for the samurai terrain range!   This is a design I've been looking forward to adding to the collection, eve ...

Painting some wounded samurai There's a new samurai terrain model to show off soon, but in the meantime I've been painting up some wounded samurai models, from Perry Miniatures. They've been mounted on 40mm clear bases ...

Introducing CENTRION 3D, our new US print partner... Look at that! Another print partner shop to show off..... this time we're heading to the US to introduce CENTRION 3D, from New York!   They're starting with some of the bigger stuff fro ...

Introducing ASO MILL, our new Japan print partner... This is our first and exclusive print partner shop for Japan, ASO MILL in Kumamoto Prefecture.   Their new online store is offering the entirety of our Japanese terrain collection, in 7 differe ...

Introducing THE3DWARFS, our new Belgian print partner... Today we have a new European print partner to announce - THE 3DWARFS, from Belgium. They are now selling print versions of our samurai and Necrontyr terrain ranges.   https://www.the3dwarfs.c ...


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