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Latest Blog News

Ninja Rooftop Bases available NOW! As promised, we have a little mini-release for you today! For the ninja fans amongst you, here are some cool little rooftop-themed bases.....     Ninja Rooftop Bases   Yes, in thi ...

Printing the ninja rooftop bases An upcoming mini-release to show you today ... a set of rooftop bases, designed for ninja assassins!    Have you ever wanted to show just how awesome ninja warriors can be? Why base them ...

Castle attack table Apologies for the gap in blog posts - I've been busy painting houses, but not at 28mm scale - just an actual house! Painted it blood red, too! haha   Today I thought you might like to see s ...

Pagoda research trip The next building for the samurai temple collection will be a classic pagoda, and I was lucky to find one of Japan's top pagodas located only a 90 minute drive away, in Yamaguchi prefecture. This ...

Stunning customer pics! Apologies to all our customers who've posted their awesome photos over the past couple of years (thanks, everybody!) - today we have possibly the most realistic customer pics you'll EVER see! ...


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