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Latest Blog News

Painting the Sumo Ring The new Sumo Ring has been a great painting project this month - with some unique challenges and some wonderful sumo wrestler minis from Fish Creek 3D printed up and painted specially to match!   ...

Samurai Temple Bell available NOW! The first of this month's new designs has made its way from the paint desk to the photo booth, so I'm proud to announce that the new Samurai Temple Bell is now available for download!   ...

Painting the Temple Bell With so many new models sitting on my paint desk, it's actually the most recently printed one that reaches the finish line first! The new Temple Bell model turned out to be the simplest of the 3 m ...

Printing and assembling the samurai temple bell Another week, another samurai terrain piece to show off! This week we've been test printing the upcoming Samurai Temple Bell, and here's a quick and easy assembly guide for you to take a look ...

Designing the temple bell The third of this month's new samurai terrain pieces is ready to test-print, so we should have some nice assembled photos to show you in a few days.   In the meantime, let's take a look ...


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