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Latest Blog News

Samurai Shops available NOW!! Our new terrain set is released today... 8 fully-detailed Samurai Shops!     Samurai Shops   ▲ These are the 3 shops I chose to paint up, from the 8 included in the set. Painting up ...

Painting the samurai shops For this painting guide, I'm just going to show you the basics of how the buildings were painted up, and then I'm going to assault you with plenty of reference photos of real shop interiors! ...

Introducing NARAA TOOLS, our new UK print partner... We have a new UK retail partner to introduce to you today - Naraa Tools, from Leicestershire.   They're offering pretty much our entire samurai collection of terrain, plus a few gaming acce ...

Samurai Objective Rings available NOW! This came up in a recent game of Test of Honour - how to mark out the area around an objective, so that it's easier to see if enemy are in range to contest it. So today we have a little gaming aid ...

Printing and assembling the shops PART 2 : Accessory sets Lots and LOTS of photos to show you today, with assembled pics of the 8 shops from the upcoming Samurai Shop Set!▲ These are all the accessories I printed out for my 8 shops, enough to fill out all th ...


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