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Latest Blog News

Samurai Lord's House available NOW!! I'm very proud to be releasing the brand new set for the samurai collection today - the HUGE Samurai Lord's House!!   This really is the ULTIMATE gaming board for any samurai wargame or ...

Setting out the Lord's House set - TIMELAPSE VIDEO Here's a quick timelapse video of the new 3D-printable Samurai Lord's House set being laid out on a 120cmx120cm (4'x4') board. This massive model has been created for wargaming at 28mm ...

Painting the Lord's House set The huge Samurai Lord's House set is currently on the paint desk, and with only a few last pieces to complete, it seems a good moment to show you some tips and suggestions on how to paint everythi ...

Printing & assembling the Garden This is the last blog about assembling the Lord's House set, because today we are taking a very quick look at the final element - the garden! ▲ More specifically, we're looking at how to pr ...

Printing & assembling the House It's taken quite a while, but we've finally reached the end of this massive project! The last building from the upcoming Samurai Lord's House has now been completed.   So let's ...


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