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Name: M  
Product: Samurai Pond

This is truly a beautiful piece! I love the level of detail and ability to customize by placement of the awesome little extra detail parts; turtles, lily pads, etc. EXCELLENT

Name: marc-andre leclerc  
Product: Necrontyr Pathway & Bridge Set

Super hot set love it so much. I am printing up a storm. That being said the only thing I feel is missing from this set is a corner piece for the Pathways. I feel it would complete it. Otherwise I really love the work that was put into this.

Thanks for your comment. A corner section has been added to the set.

- by 3DAlienWorlds

Name: James  
Product: Necrontyr Modular Hill Set

Absolute monster of a terrain piece. Very modular and i heavily appreciate the magnet ports and clipping system for the pieces. High quality and look great. Cant wait to paint.

Name: April  
Product: Samurai Farmyard Set

Not everything is painted yet but they were all amazing and exactly what I wanted. Pictured is my finished rice fields, painted with mud and resin puddles.

Name: Adrian  
Product: Necrontyr Tombcity Wall Set

Extremely recommend this company and there products. Perfect center price for my awakening tomb world !!! Quality much higher then I would have expected for this price.

Name: Hadrian  
Product: Samurai Stone Walls Set

The set exceeded my expectations. It is high quality craftsmanship. The photo is of my initial test before starting a diorama. It does not do justice to the original. I highly recommend this for gamers and collectors alike.

Name: Timothy  
Product: Necrontyr Power Generator Set

Really a terrific piece. So versatile and also very well built and detailed - solid. Plus insert a tea light and itfs really a great product. Two thumbs up!

Name: Stephen  
Product: Necrontyr Defence Wall

Cannot say enough great things about these terrain pieces.

Name: Tom  
Product: High Elf House & Tower

Everything looks fabulous. Canft wait to build the Elf Manors. Thanks again.

Name: Brody  
Product: Samurai Castle Walls Set

Great files.
Would love an option to have a printable wall cover for the inner pieces so they aren't open frame.

Thanks for the review! Why not print a cut version of the wall section's front, so it's just the stones? You could use them for the back too, to cover the open frames.

- by 3DAlienWorlds


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