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Name: Sol Armer  
Product: Samurai Castle Corner Tower

I am Pleased with how this has turned out so far. I need to finish painting this for it to be authentic in appearance, but there is value to this look, which can be used as a sort of ghostly mini-castle which appears when the Moons are in a certain phase. Perhaps a drum can be heard in the distance by a Samurai who goes off to bed, and only he can hear the Drums of Spirit calling to him. He arises in the middle of the night and follows the sound which guides him to this mysterious fortress in a place which is close to where he lives, but somehow he's not at all familiar with it.

I have purchased quite a number of the Samurai .STL's and I have been working on the main castle for some time, but the process is long and I had to take a side step just to finish this Samurai Corner Tower so that I could have a sense of accomplishment and completion. I have posted the pictures on Instagram and have received rave reviews.
I have to compliment the designers who put in the time and effort to put unmatched detail into these designs. Whatever they are being paid it should be trippled!

Thank You, 3D Alien Worlds for these. I still wish to be a licensed vendor, and I absolutely SHALT NOT SELL anything I make from your .STL's without being licensed! I have the utmost of Respect for Copyright and Trademark Laws, and those who possess items which they have secured under those Laws. I happen to be one such person myself.

I give a deep bow of Respect to the Designers who took the time, and painstaking effort to make such Beautiful and Enthralling Designs! Thank You, Brothers!

Sol Armer

Wow, what a review! Thanks so much, Sol, and keep on going with the big castle build too - it'll be worth it, I promise!

- by 3DAlienWorlds

Name: Joseph  
Product: Necrontyr Pyramid

The piece is incredible very detailed goes together with no issues.

Name: Timothy  
Product: Necrontyr Tombcity Wall Set

A magnificent set that I am enjoying painting. I
have found the craftmanship perfect and would
recommend to anyone.

Name: dogs23  
Product: Samurai Zen Garden

Cant wait to paint it, great piece

Name: Thomas  
Product: Samurai Pond

Lovely little piece, I would highly recommend this, Ifm currently painting it now, Ifm a slow painter so when I do finish it Ifll upload it, but it took the base layer very well :)

Name: Keith  
Product: Necrontyr KillTeam Arena

Going to have a blast hooking this with my ruins pieces i got .... this will all be subsurface stuff. Love the detail :)

Name: Lesley  
Product: Samurai Teahouse Set

This set is beautiful and is going to make a fabulous set piece. I really look forward to painting it.

Name: Travis Hughes  
Product: Necrontyr Obelisks Set

I like these files quite a bit, but my main complaint is the bottom part of each obelisk piece. The tops and bottoms have the tiny triangles for holding them together, but the top of the pieces act like there should be a lip on the bottom of the others to fit together, but there is no lip on the bottom parts, making it so there is an obvious gap between the parts of the obelisk.

It's part of the design to have that small break every 12cm or so. It helps hide the joins of printing in multiple pieces, and gives you something to paint / glow / edge-highlight. Otherwise, you'd get a 36cm tall flat slab, which would look pretty boring, I think.

- by 3DAlienWorlds

Name: M  
Product: Samurai Pond

This is truly a beautiful piece! I love the level of detail and ability to customize by placement of the awesome little extra detail parts; turtles, lily pads, etc. EXCELLENT

Name: marc-andre leclerc  
Product: Necrontyr Pathway & Bridge Set

Super hot set love it so much. I am printing up a storm. That being said the only thing I feel is missing from this set is a corner piece for the Pathways. I feel it would complete it. Otherwise I really love the work that was put into this.

Thanks for your comment. A corner section has been added to the set.

- by 3DAlienWorlds


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