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Samurai wooden walls printed

2019-01-14 by David

Even MORE (!) walls are coming to your gaming tables soon, as the new samurai wooden walls set has now been test printed, and will be hitting the paint desk this week!

£ Here's the wooden wall sections that we printed .... two 12cm straights, four corner pieces, and two 12cm gateway sections - one of each roof version!

£ This type of wall would typically be found in more rural locations, or in town settings where stone walls where not required.


The set contains two types of roof; the sloped roof type (to match the wall sections)....

£ ... and this traditional Japanese solid beam version.

£ Here's a close-up of the solid beam door, freshly printed at 0.2mm layers - there's no post printing smoothing in any of these photos, as the lines of the printer are oriented to accentuate the wood grain patterns!

£ This is the roofed version of the gateway.


Bases are included for each of the sections, and are ready-textured. They just need a quick drybrush or wash to finish them off!


£ As with the castle walls set, the doors actually open (inwards), if you slide a spare bit of rod / toothpick / filament in the holes.


£ The rear of the gate features these chunky support posts, and also a small locking bar. Obviously, with those massive gaps between fence and roof, a locking bar won't stop those pesky ninja assassins from getting in anyway!

£ Here's the 12cm straight section. Two versions of all fence pieces are included - so you can choose to have planks with or without nails, or more accurately wooden 'nail pegs'.

£ This is the corner section. A few more parts than the straight sections.

£ The reverse of the corner section.


£ Finally, here's a more unusual suggestion for a layout - the possibilities really are endless!


Also, you can see in this pic that the bases can be removed without problem. They are optional bases, and if you join sections with 5mm magnets in the holes on each end, they aren't required for balance, either!



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