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Samurai Walls!

2018-08-14 by David

Here's some news for you... the next range of 3d printable terrain will be historical - SAMURAI!!!


At our gaming club we've recently been getting into the Japanese samurai-era skirmish game Test of Honour, by Warlord Games. There's honestly not a lot of terrain available for the period, so I've decided to try making some of my own. I've jotted down every possible item of terrain I could think of, and came up with 89 items!! Yikes!


So when the last two Necrontyr designs are done and finished (very soon), there'll be a quick switch to finish the High Elf House and a mystery 40K vehicle, and then on to the samurai terrain.


(.... er.... and also a full range of either Tau-themed or Eldar-themed terrain..... ahem...)

First work-in-progress 3d model, just getting the proportions right.



Those roof tiles were a bit of a pain to work out, but happily all I had to do to check for reference was to look out at the neighbour's roof! I'm in Japan, by the way. Should have said, eh?




These will be cunning split level walls, with the upper level separate from a lower rocky base. That will give people plenty of modularity.

Work starts on the gateway section...

... and here's the first door design. I'm hoping to actually get this sliding as a real door would slide!


More bloody roof tiles, over the gateway this time!


Next job will be to add convincing rock textures to the lower walls.




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2018-08-16 (Thu) 2:49AM

Pretty please do some Eldar terrain, plenty of Tau on thingiverse :D

2018-08-16 (Thu) 9:34AM

Thanks for the comment, Gareth! Was just about to ask everybody what they wanted next....

Andrew Collyer
2018-09-06 (Thu) 1:03AM

Loving the list of stuff you plan for the samurai era. Keep up the good work

2018-09-06 (Thu) 10:56AM

Thanks, Andrew, for the comment! Yes, our very long list of samurai-themed terrain should keep us busy for quite a while!

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<< Necrontyr Tombcity Walls available NOW!!
Samurai walls printed >>
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