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Necrontyr Modular Hill available NOW!!

2018-06-01 by David

This is a big one for you! The Necrontyr Modular Hill Set, the fourth of our Necron-themed terrain pieces goes on sale today - this time it's a set that's only limited by your imagination .... and the size of your gaming table!


  Necrontyr Modular Hill Set  


Here are some pics we took this morning, with LEDs and sinister mood lighting!!


£ The set comprises of 4 main sections - CORNER sections, STRAIGHT sections, STEP sections and a CENTRE section. You can arrange the blocks in any number of ways - this picture shows a regular 3x3 hill with a mix of all block types. It's approximately 36cm x 36cm (14"x14"), and 5cm (2") high.


£ The corner blocks have the Necrontyr symbol cut-out, so LEDs inside can glow through.


The straight sections also have cut-out vents (those 3 vertical bars in the middle) for LEDs.


£ Step sections have those cool Necrontyr symbols going up the edges, which we painted in very bright green.

The engraved patterns on the top all connect up, and you could even paint those as glowing symbols if you prefer!


£ This is the smaller size hill (24cm x 24cm / 10"x10"), made up of 4 corner pieces.

All pieces can be connected using the quick clips, or you could fit rare-earth magnets in the included holes for an even quicker switch!


£ Now we're getting big, yes? This larger hill is approximately 48cm x 36cm (20" x 14"), and has two centre sections with cut-outs in the middle.


We recommend you DON'T glue the tops on centre sections, as it's a handy way to access the inside of the hill for switching on LEDs, and gives you more flexibility.



£ Here's a neat way of stacking your hills into a two-layer structure. You could go 2 or even 3 layers high, and have 'half-hills' on the edges of your battlefield.


£ These are the straight and step sections, fresh off the printer last week. They were printed at a fairly fast 0.2mm resolution, although the top surfaces were also 'ironed' by the printer to smooth them off.


£ The centre and corner sections. Note that the corner sections have some tiny printing supports built in to help the Necrontyr symbol to print correctly. We recommend that you cut those off before painting (full guide in the PDF instructions).



And finally, a video.....





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<< Necrontyr modular hill printed!
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