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Lord's House battle report pics!

2024-06-04 by David

We recently played our first game on the massive new Lord's House battleboard, and I thought some of you might like to see a few of the photos?

▲ We thinned out the terrain slightly, by removing one of the guesthouses and the roofed walkway connecting it to the main house, and then added plenty of cherry blossom trees to the garden to pretty things up. Oh, and a pond!


As the action moved inside the buildings, we removed the roof sections piece by piece for easier access.

▲ We were playing a sneak attack by a group of bandits, using a Test of Honour scenario. The bandits needed to stealthily infiltrate the house, and search 3 chests to find the actual objective they were looking for.

▲ The defenders have a force twice the size of the attacking bandits, but are completely oblivious to the attack. They can only spot things are not as they should be, if enough strange things (shouts, noises etc) happen nearby and they then pass a Test of Wits.

▲ Lord Nobu was just contemplating the beauty of his garden, when this drunk bandit tried to get in an early musket shot at him from under the cherry blossoms. Despite a close miss against the doorframe above him, he failed to spot the attacker, and spent another turn randomly wandering about the house!

▲ Fate smiled on the (oblivious!) defenders, when The Witch reached the first of the objective chests, but decided to ignore the chance to search it in favour of an early kill! She killed 2 of the 3 house spearmen in this unit, and chased the survivor through to the kitchens!


Note the valiant lone spearmen in the toilet (middle of the pic), who actually blocked a search of the chest in the next room, even though he knew nothing about the battle raging nextdoor!

▲ The leader of the bandits similarly decided to spill the blood of the house guards, rather than search the chest immediately. Unbeknownst to her, that chest actually contained the real objective for the game.... which would have given her an early chance to grab it while half the household was still asleep!

▲ Lord Nobu finally noticed the bandit musketmen and archers taking potshots at him from the garden, realised something was amiss, and quickly returned to challenge the enemy leader to deadly combat!

▲ Reinforcements slowly started to arrive for the defenders, and slowly the numbers tipped in favour of the guards. This house archer tried for a lucky shot on a bandit who was sneaking through the house!

▲ The Witch had by this time rampaged through the house, and searched the other two chests only to find them empty, and almost succeeded in dashing back through the house to grab the original chest. Unluckily for her, Lord Nobu was there waiting.... and bloodied his sword one final time!


The bandits would return some day, Lord Nobu knew. In the meantime, there were some surviving household guards who were due for a very painful performance assessment from their boss!


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Mark C
2024-06-04 (Tue) 21:21PM

Great breakdown, i’ll make sure to bring my camera next time and film the rematch

2024-06-07 (Fri) 22:21PM

Awesome set, great battle report. Kudos for all your work, David and thanks for sharing your passion with us!

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2024-06-07 (Fri) 22:25PM

Thanks! Perhaps some time I should try a video battle report, too?

2024-06-08 (Sat) 17:17PM

Sure thing! I would watch it with interest!

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<< New side-project... a 1:1 scale hobbit house!
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