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Painting the wooden sake cups

2023-12-20 by David

I've printed two versions of the new Wooden Sake Cup, and I've decided to paint one as a brand-new fresh wooden box, and the second as an older wooden box in darker colours.

▲ Here's a great example of how nice the cup looks in fresh wood. Note the slightly darker tones on the dovetail joints at the corners, which I'm going to try and replicate with paint. Also note the kanji characters branded onto the front face, in a dark brown colour.

▲ Here's the second reference photo, which I'll be using to paint the darker age-stained wood colours of my second box. Those lovely warm reddy browns might be hard to replicate, so fingers crossed!

▲ One other example photo for you - this has silver foil on the front, and you could try that (or gold) for the embossed kanji characters or the clan crests? The silver looks very eye-catching on fresh wood.

▲ NEW: I undercoated the new box in white, and used a base colour of this creamy Sand.


OLD: This box was undercoated in black, and base coated with Autumn Brown.

▲ NEW: I basecoated the dovetail joints and the base strip on each side with a richer Camel colour.


OLD: I went very dark for the crosscut wood pieces with Rhinox Brown.

▲ NEW: Next it was time for washes. I covered the whole box in a Sepia wash.


OLD: The box was given a dark brown wash to fill the woodgrain crevices.

▲ NEW: The dovetail joints were given a thin wash in brown, to darken the wood there a little more.


OLD: I decided to give the whole box another wash, this time in Reikland Fleshshade, just to redden the wood a little.

▲ NEW: Time to drybrush! The whole box was carefully drybrushed in the original creamy Sand colour once more, until it lightened up to match the fresh cut wood of my reference photo.


OLD: The box was drybrushed heavily in the same Autumn Brown as the basecoat, but this did make it lose some of the reddish tones a little too much.

▲ NEW: The finishing touch for this box was to carefully paint in the embossed text in Rhinox Hide.


OLD: To bring the wood back to its earlier redder tones, I gave it a light wash in Fuegan Orange, which brightened it up considerably. Then I just needed to (slightly messily) basecoat the clan crest in a Retributor Armour rich gold, and then highlight edges with a more silvery Shining Gold.


And with that, both boxes were finished! So it's off to the photo table to take some nice pics, and the new Wooden Sake Cup should be ready for release later today!


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