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Samurai Shops available NOW!!

2023-03-09 by David

Our new terrain set is released today... 8 fully-detailed Samurai Shops!


  Samurai Shops  

▲ These are the 3 shops I chose to paint up, from the 8 included in the set. Painting up all 8 would have taken quite a while - so please forgive my laziness!


  • On the left we have the sake (ricewine) shop, with its colourful blue fabric sign.
  • In the middle is the fancy musical instrument shop, with those awesome window displays.
  • On the right is the very brightly-coloured tea shop, in traditional red!

▲ Here's a closer look at the 3 shops. Since the set is modular, with many, many different building styles, all three of these shops look quite different.

▲ Tea shops are usually decorated with bright red fabric covering the benches, and I also painted the paper lanterns, the large umbrella and the noren curtains in the same bright red.


I decided to use the solid version of the LED lantern sign (on the right of the photo), with the kanji characters for "tea shop".

▲ The musical instrument shop is probably the most luxurious of the 3 shops, with a tiled roof and a full-height second storey. The owner has also made large display windows at the front, with some traditional instruments to grab your attention. I will probably add some ornate grills over those display windows later, but I left them off for this photo.


This shop also has a large wooden sign over the doorway. These are often engraved with the name or type of shop and left as plain dark wood, but I decided to paint the kanji characters in gold to make it even fancier!

▲ The sake (ricewine) shop is a more functional design, and so I painted this building with more subdued grey panels. The blue and white sign makes it very obvious what they're selling, but they've also added extra signs and lanterns to the front posts, and several large barrels.


The town drunk is obviously a regular customer, sipping his sake in the sunshine.

▲ Let's take a look at the shop interiors.....


The sake shop has plenty of barrels and tubs, plus a few wooden cups and gourd bottles on the shelves and table.

▲ The musical instrument shop has a special tatami mat area for trying out the many koto and shamisen on display....

▲ .... plus even more instruments on the shelves and tables on the other side! The shallow boxes hold shakuhachi bamboo flutes, and those large picks for playing the koto.

▲ The tea shop has lots of seating inside, with another red cloth bench and a small shelf and firepit area.

▲ Tatami benches were very common in tea shops, too, and we have a second kettle and firepit on the other side.

▲ The second storey of the musical instrument shop has a full-height room, and I've decorated it with simple tatami mats and two windows. Let's hope no snipers use those big windows overlooking the main street, eh?




▲ The new Samurai Shop Set is available to download from today!


  Samurai Shops  


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<< Painting the samurai shops
What would YOU like to see next? >>
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