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Painting the samurai shops

2023-03-08 by David

For this painting guide, I'm just going to show you the basics of how the buildings were painted up, and then I'm going to assault you with plenty of reference photos of real shop interiors!


Let's get started with the shop buildings....

▲ To save time, I spray undercoated all the buildings and accessories in just 3 colours - light brown for two of the shops, a medium brown for the music shop (just to make it slightly different), and a dark grey for the roof tile pieces.

▲ I followed up the undercoat sprays with heavy black washes for the wood and rooftile pieces. These models are designed with washes and drybrushing in mind, so you should get great results very quickly!

▲ The roof pieces were then carefully drybrushed with a light grey, just to bring out the edges of the tiles. I used a 3cm-wide brush for this process.

▲ The wood pieces were similarly drybrushed with a 3cm-wide brush in light brown, and then a second drybrush in light grey was done on the bottom few centimetres of any exterior walls. This works well to simulate weathering and sun-bleaching on the most exposed parts.


To complete the buildings, I then filled in the exterior panels between the wood beams with lightgrey and then white, or medium grey and then lightgrey. The interior walls were finished in sand colours, or muted green. You'll have to wait another day to see how those turned out!



Now it's time for some accessories....

▲ The RICE shop has this awesome rice-cleaning machine accessory. You throw the rice in the top hopper, and turn the handle to separate the rice from the dirt and dust. This is a real example, in lovely aged wood.

▲ The interior of the RICE shop also has this brilliant rice-pounding machine, in dark old wood. You can also see the rice bails behind it, and the tubs of rice in the bottom right corner.

▲ The UMBRELLA shop has these racks of folded paper umbrellas, as well as opened umbrellas for wall decorations. You could go crazy with beautiful ornate versions like those shown above....

▲ ... or choose more simple one-colour versions, like these.

▲ The TOY shop accessory set has a simplified version of this doll display shelf, which looks great outside in the display window box. If your eyes can manage it, try painting lots of garish colours on the emperor and empress dolls!

▲ Here are a few traditional wooden toys, such as the spinning tops, kaleidoscopes, and the stacked hit-with-a-hammer doll on the right.

▲ The shelf accessories also include these two toys - the fat daruma doll, and the nodding cow figure.

▲ This is just an illustration, but shows all the common elements of a TEA shop exterior. You can see the large paper umbrella, noren curtain, and cloth-covered benches. These are usually red, but go nuts with whatever colours you like!

▲ Here's an interior of a simple TEA shop. Tatami benches to sit on,  and plenty of kettles, buckets and bowls.

▲ The POTTERY shop would not contain much white china, but would contain lots of earthy colours for the bowls, dishes and vases.

▲ Here's a CLOTH shop interior, with the shelves full of fabric rolls, and those lovely display racks which make a great canvas to show off your freehands!

▲ This is a koto, a traditional stringed instrument from the MUSIC shop accessory pack. Note the bridges which can be moved to create different sounds, and the pretty fabric wrap on the bottom end.

▲ The other MUSIC shop accessories include various sizes of drum (usually black, red, or varnished wood), and the banjo-like shamisen. You'll notice that the shelf model has a few rows of the soundboxes, like in the photo above, over which (white or cream coloured) skin is stretched to complete the shamisen.

▲ We're on our last shop model now - the SAKE (ricewine) shop. The photo above shows the traditional stack of buckets and giant tub that you can display outside. It also has some gourd bottles hanging outside....

▲ ... which look like this. A resin printer will probably work very well to show off the rope tassles on the 3D model.

▲ Lastly, these big sake barrels are also included in the SAKE shop set, as singles and a stacked pile of 3. These are heavy tubs wrapped in rough matting and rope, with a decorative design on one side. The 3D model has a simple "sake" logo on one side, but if you want to try painting your own design, just turn them around and paint on the other side. 


That's plenty of photos for today. The photos of the finished shops are coming very soon, when the shop set is finally released tomorrow!


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Kurt Weihs
2023-11-09 (Thu) 7:52AM

Thank you for both the painting help and the great reference photos. These are not particularly easy to find even on the limitless internet.

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2023-11-09 (Thu) 8:05AM

Yes, it took a while to find good reference pics!

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