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Printing and assembling the shops PART 2 : Accessory sets

2023-03-02 by David

Lots and LOTS of photos to show you today, with assembled pics of the 8 shops from the upcoming Samurai Shop Set!

▲ These are all the accessories I printed out for my 8 shops, enough to fill out all the interiors and several exteriors, too! I printed some of the bigger accessories (e.g. tables and shelves) at 0.2mm layers, and the smaller items at 0.1mm layers. Some of them (the musical instruments, for example) are quite tiny indeed, and will benefit from thin layers and a slower print speed.


All of these items can be printed support-free.

▲ Shop #1 is the UMBRELLA shop. It's all about the paper umbrellas, of course, and these are printed in 2 halves, with a thin stick inserted as the handle. I found they looked good hanging off the front of the shop....

▲ ... and carefully displayed on the interior walls and on raised tatami benches. There is also a display cabinet of folded umbrellas on the right, which is printed flat but should be glued at an angle, as shown in the photo above.

▲ The TOY shop is shop #2, and I modelled it with display windows at the front. I glued kites to the display on the left, and the tiny, tiny doll display in the window on the right. You can choose whether to cover the front with a wooden grill, or leave the display open. There is also a customised noren curtain at the entrance of the shop.

▲ Inside would typically be a colourful assortment of traditional wooden and bamboo toys. There are one-piece toy shelves covered in wooden animals and fat daruma dolls, empty shelves which can be stocked with trays of toys, and a table with some wooden games.

▲ Shop #3 is the POTTERY shop, which is pretty basic. It has a customised noren curtain at the door, and a couple of low tables of vases outside.

▲ Inside are large shelves stacked with various dishes, bowls, vases and pots. These are all one-piece print items.

▲ The CLOTH shop is one of the fancier shops in the set. The exterior of the store has a large wooden sign on the front roof, and some discreet display windows full of cloth stands.

▲ The interior, on the other hand, is quite elegant and very detailed. On the right we have a raised tatami area where customers would stand to be fitted and measured. Several stands of cloth (I printed some of them at a taller 120% height for variation) are displayed, and an ornate paper screen allows customers to change.

▲ On the other side of the shops are hundreds of rolls of cloth, which will look great in a wide variety of colours. The stands of cloth would typically be draped in very gorgeous kimono fabrics.

▲ Shop #5 has some awesome accessories - the RICE shop! The exterior is usually nothing fancy, but we have a large tub of rice on a bench on the left, a customised noren curtain over the door (and another smaller sign on the post on the right), and a brilliant rice-cleaning machine, too. I'll show off a picture of the real-life machine in the next blog article!

▲ The interior has, of course, a huge stack of rice bails on one side, and on the other is another large tub of rice, and a rice-pounding machine. This machine comes in a few parts, and should be glued together as shown. It's very simple to operate - you put rice in the stone bowl, and then raise and drop the heavy wooden beam using the handle on top.

▲ I think shop #6 is going to feature as a game objective in many of your wargames - it's the sake (rice-wine) shop! Traditionally, sake (rice-wine) is a better quality and more expensive alcohol, but you'll also find cheaper shochu (potato-wine) in any store. The outside of this shop has a single sake barrel and a large customised fabric screen on the right, two large paper lanterns by the doorway, and a traditional tub-and-bucket display and another smaller sign on the post on the left.

▲ The interior has a giant vat and ladle, a stack of sake barrels and basic barrels on benches, and a shelf and low table full of wooden cups and bottles. It's definitely party time!

▲ There are only two more shops to go now, but these are probably my favourites. #7 is the MUSIC shop, with various traditional musical instruments on display. I might leave the front window display boxes open, so players can view the shamisen (3-string banjo?) and large koto easily? There's also a large wooden sign on the roof, and a smaller paper sign on the left next to it.

▲ The interior has some lovely details, with bamboo flutes on boxes on shelves, several sizes of drums, and shamisen and koto instruments on the raised tatami playing area on the left.

▲ Finally we come to shop #8, the last of the set. This is the TEA shop, which has plenty of outdoor seating in front. I've used a long noren curtain right the way across, two small paper lanterns on the posts, and cloth-covered benches underneath the large paper umbrella.


On the left we also have a customised top for the new LED shop sign, which says 'tea shop'. Sadly, I didn't have any white filament available (which works better with LEDs), so I will probably just paint that as solid, but another version can also be fitted with thin paper if you want to light it with an LED bulb. This new lantern is considerably shorter than the previous wooden LED lantern, by the way, because it uses a smaller CR1632 battery.

▲ The interior of the tea shop has a mix of cloth-covered benches and larger tatami seating, with two kettle firepits and a small shelf and water bucket.


Phew! We're done! That's all 8 of the new shops! Just think, if 8 shops are still not enough for you, you can also mix in the accessories from the 10 market stalls for even more!!


These shops are currently on the paint desk, and will be released next week! Watch this space...


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