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Choosing sumo wrestler miniatures

2021-10-04 by David

With the new Sumo Ring terrain piece coming very soon, I really wanted to buy or print some awesome sumo wrestler models to go with it. After a bit of research, I found quite a good variety of likely miniatures available, so hopefully this short guide should save you some time in finding the models you prefer?

Let's start with the offerings on Thingiverse.....




£ Sumo Wrestler by massigrn


This is pretty much the only free 3d-printable sumo wrestler model I could find on Thingiverse. It's not bad, but I didn't like the head so much. It was a little too cartoony for me. Plus the model has a finger/toe missing from each hand and foot. But it might be worth trying as a free print for your sumo ring project?



£ Sumokassu by Almewa

Funnily, somebody has already tried a head swap on the previous sculpt, but I thought this just made it look a little like a giant baby. Perhaps if you could model some hair in a topknot shape, or even just grab a spare samurai model head, it would look awesome? Still has missing toes and fingers, though.




£ Sumo Fight Scene by jokermax ($3)

This is a paid file, but good value and realistically sculpted. A resin printer would probably do a great job of this, but I'm not sure how an FDM printer would manage with those fine details. Not certain if the base is separate or not. If anybody tries printing this one, I'd love to see a photo!




£ Sumo Ballet by PaulMarx (free)

This is actually a set of one sumo wrestler and one ballet dancer, and is a free download. It's a realistic sculpt, although perhaps the face could be a little heavier and/or younger? Again, if anybody prints this please send a photo!

£ Bushido has several sumo models in their range, and some of these would probably work well with the sumo ring. I think the scale is 32mm, whereas our Sumo Ring terrain model is 28mm - so might need a little adjustment.

£ Unlike the previous Bushido model, this one doesn't have any extra clothing - so it would look right as a historical model, I think. The one thing I didn't love was the head/neck of this model - I'm not quite sure what it is, but something looked slightly off?

£ Having said that, this is the same model painted by somebody else, and it doesn't have quite the same problem. Perhaps it's just the different paint job? Anyway, this looks great, I think!

£ One more mini from Bushido - again, I assume this is 32mm, and does of course have that big axe. Is it just me, or would he look just like Fat Bastard from Austin Powers if you gave him ginger hair?

£ Sumo Wrestler, by Dixon Miniatures

I think this is 28mm scale, but I'm not a huge fan of the faces of some Dixon minis.

£ Takuma Sumo, by Dragon Trappers Lodge.

I believe this is a 3D-printable model, with a few weapon variations. You can also find ready-printed models on Etsy and Ebay. It's gorgeous, and full of lovely details, but the weapons didn't fit for my project.


READER COMMENT from David Shore:

"I have this model and am happy to say that it was really easy to slice/mirror his left hand, and then print it so that both of his hands are free, which is what I did!"




£ Sumo Hero, from Shadows of Brimstone

This is another armed sumo model, from a recent Kickstarter. A brilliant realistic sculpt, and you may be lucky enough to find it available separately?


£ Hasslefree Miniatures

A good sculpt, I think, but I wanted a bit more flab on my wrestlers and a little less visible muscle.

£ The Bruiser, by NorthStar Figures (KungFu set)

This clothed wrestler is part of a kung-fu gangster set they offer.

£ Reaper Miniatures

The body on this one is good, but I'm not really liking the neck and head. It seems to be quite a small model, comparatively.

£ Yokozuna, from the Takkure game

Something a little unusual here - a sci-fi punk sumo wrestler! Nice mini, and a great sculpt, if you're using the sumo ring in something like Infinity, maybe?



So, we have a wide variety of sculpts and printable models out there. But here are the ones I've chosen for my own project......

£ Sumo Wrestlers by Fish Creek 3D (STL files for printing)

These stunningly lifelike sculpts were the subjects of a recent Kickstarter, and are now available from FishCreek3D's online store for about $6 and up. They were modelled after real wrestlers in a variety of action poses, and even include the referee model and wrestlers in ceremonial garb.

However, I don't trust my old, shaky FDM printer to do a good enough job on these, as they are designed (and pre-supported) for resin printers. So, you'll be happy to hear that FishCreek3D actually offer some printed models on their Ebay store - I dropped them a line, and they were kind enough to accommodate my request for specific models:


Bear in mind that these models are actually 32mm scale sculpts, but hopefully the scale difference won't be too obvious when they're on the terrain. After all, sumo wrestlers are usually taller than average when compared to other Japanese men. I ordered 2 resin prints of the last two models, Tachiai A & B. Both of those models are crouching, which should help hide the scale gap, and they also lack any modern accessories such as knee supports and braces.


Those two models are hopefully winging their way here in the post as we speak, and we'll show them off to you just as soon as they arrive! In the meantime, I'd urge you to all go take a look at FishCreek3D's beautiful sumo wrestlers (or go like their facebook page), as I think they are all perfect for the sumo ring model.


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