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Designing some rooftile panels

2021-08-18 by David

This is a little set of roof panels that were already on the to-do list, but since people had expressed an interest in one of the Facebook groups for feudal Japanese wargames, they got quickly moved up in the queue!


These roof panels are intended for gamers who enjoy scratchbuilding their own Japanese buildings or perhaps who already own some card or MDF buildings, and want to bring them up a level to something more realistic.


£ There are two different types of rooftile panels - simple and fancy. The simpler designs (on the left in the image above) would be used on Japanese residential buildings, such as houses and shops.


The fancier designs (on the right in the image above) were usually only used on larger buildings such as castles, temples and pagodas.



£ The main roof panel is in the centre of this image, and is a 120mm x 40mm long panel. The edge panel is shown below that, and should also be printed upright on your print bed.


For the top spine of a fancy roof, you can print the elaborate piece at the top of the image, plus two end pieces.


On the right of the image is the long corner piece. This can be placed diagonally at the corner of roofs, with an end piece (bottom centre) to finish it off. This fancy end piece is the only section in the set that might require print supports.


£ The simple roof panels work in much the same way. Start by printing the bottom edge of a roof, and then fill in the rest of the space with main panels. Then add top roof spines and diagonal corner pieces as required.


These simpler designs might not be quite as pretty as the fancier roof type, but they are still still found in Japan today on rooftops all across the country.



* Due to some printer problems (I'm waiting on parts), I'm currently unable to produce printed examples and photos of these panels, so you'll have to wait a while on those. Sorry!


In the meantime, the STL files have been added to the store and are now available for purchase.


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2021-09-05 (Sun) 13:34PM

Love this! Any plans for releasing packs of windows/doors/wood framing etc to allow folks to quicky throw together largely "mud wall" buildings out of foam and spruce them up with your bits?

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-09-05 (Sun) 15:34PM

Thanks, Angus! Possibly there'll be a pack of building greebles, but before then I'll be working on the new set of modular townhouses and shops anyway!

2022-01-24 (Mon) 1:34AM

The usefulness of this set is hard to put into words… I thouroughly searched the internet for months and could not find anything (on English language sites and a lot of other languages as well,) to adequately accomplish what this set does.

As luck would have it, now I have to get past a printer issue myself…

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