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Printing the Pagoda PART 2

2021-08-11 by David

In yesterday's blog post, we showed how to print and assemble the first two levels of the new Temple Pagoda. Today we'll show you how the other three levels go together, and then show off some completed pics!


£ We'll start the 3rd level of the pagoda with a simple one-piece print. The 3rd level room prints upside down, and doesn't require any print supports at all. Unlike the first two levels, from the 3rd level up the rooms don't have interiors. There just isn't any space for models!


They may look like small but regular rooms from the outside, but there aren't actually any stairs at all in pagodas. Those doors on the side from this level upwards are more decorative than functional, since they are only about 50-60cm tall!

£ The roof for the 3rd level is printed in two halves (or 4 quarters for smaller printers), and simply glue together. There are a couple of built-in print supports (shown in green in the image above), which should be removed during assembly.


I recommend that you don't glue the roof sections onto the room below yet, because it will make painting harder!

£ The 4th level room is printed much like the 3rd level. It's a solid one-piece print, and simply slots into place.

£ Similarly, the 4th level roof is printed exactly like the others, in two halves. Don't forget to remove the built-in print supports during assembly!

£ Phew, we've finally made it to the top 5th level. This is another easy one-piece print.

£ You'll probably be sick of printing roof sections by now, but these are the last! Yay!

£ The spire that goes on the very top of the pagoda is the last big item! There are three main pieces - the base, the top, and the rings. You will need to print 9 of the rings, which is the traditional number on a pagoda.


All of these can be printed without supports (the rings print upside-down), and simply slot together as shown in the image above.


The last accessories to print are the 20 bells, which hang off each corner of each level of the building. They are easy 2 part-prints, and I'd recommend you paint them before gluing them into the holes.


So that's it..... we've completed the pagoda assembly. Congratulations!


Would you like to see some finished pics?


£ LOOK AT THAT BEAST - What a building! This stretches up 57cm from base to tip, which is actually even taller than the big castle! Yikes....

£ Since it's so very tall, your models AND your players will probably be seeing this view when they're battling around it! The underside of each level is completely authentic and super detailed, but I hope to paint this fantastic model in just a couple of days, with the use of spray undercoats, heavy washes, and big-brush drybrushes!


Watch this space....


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