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Printing the ninja rooftop bases

2021-07-15 by David

An upcoming mini-release to show you today ... a set of rooftop bases, designed for ninja assassins! 


Have you ever wanted to show just how awesome ninja warriors can be? Why base them on boring old grass, when you can have them jumping across the rooftops of old Japan?!


£ This is a set of rooftop bases, in various sizes to suit a variety of games and miniatures. The rooftops themselves are taken from our temple and castle models, and feature authentic and highly detailed roof designs.

£ Let's start with the largest of the bases. These three designs are 60mm group bases, with three 25mm bases embedded in each. These can be removed during play as a unit takes casualties, and is specifically designed for Test of Honour players.


The middle design, by the way, is probably the only base for which you might want to consider print supports. All the other designs should print fine without supports.


£ The 25mm bases can, of course, be used separately for individual miniatures.



£ The medium sized prints are 40mm bases, with 4 square designs and 4 round designs included. The first design is perhaps the most complicated, and requires you to print each half flat to the print bed.


The photo above shows a 40mm square base printed at 0.1mm layers, prior to assembly.

£ The first design (on the left) can also be fitted with an optional dragon fish sculpture, and is perfect for your hero models to pose atop.


£ Lastly, we have the smallest set of bases - four round 25mm bases and four square 25mm bases. If you add these four round bases to the nine from the group bases, you actually have 13 round bases to choose from.

In the photo above, you can see the first design (on the left, with the dragonfish) has been printed at 120% scale, and fitted into a 40mm round lip base - this is designed for Bushido players, and you can fit a variety of the round designs into the 30mm, 40mm and 50mm lip bases, by tweaking the scale:

* For 30mm round lip bases, resize the round 25mm base by 82% to fit inside.

* For 40mm round lip bases, resize the round 25mm base by 120%, or the 40mm base by 76% to fit inside.

* For 50mm round lip bases, resize the round 40mm base by 103% to fit inside.


These rooftop bases will be hitting the paintdesk today, and should be ready for release by the weekend!


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