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Castle attack table

2021-07-14 by David

Apologies for the gap in blog posts - I've been busy painting houses, but not at 28mm scale - just an actual house! Painted it blood red, too! haha


Today I thought you might like to see some photos of a recent gaming table we played over last month! Although the big castle was finished last winter, it's taken 6 months before we've actually had a chance to play over it! So it seemed worth putting together a double-size layout, and going MAD with the terrain.....

£ This was the sight that greeted my guest players! Some of them had never seen a real gaming table before, and their reaction was awesome!

£ This is two 3x3 mats placed together, on two separate levels.

£ Such a great view, looking up through the little town to the castle at the top.

£ This is the lower half of the table - the village outside the castle gates.

£ Here you can see Mori-clan troops attacking the defenders up the main road.

£ What better time to play some cool jazz-flute, than in the middle of the battle?! Pochi the dog likes it, anyway...

£ Defenders surge out of the gatehouse to push the attackers back.

£ Musketmen on the rooftops lay down a hail of fire on the castle walls.

£ Archers on the left flank shoot from the relative safety of a stone bridge.

£ But you have to consider, what do they hope to gain by attacking such strong fortifications.....?

£ .... well, the efforts of the defenders are focused on the front wall, so maybe there's something else going on?

£ Let's take a look behind the walls....

£ Aha! It's all a diversion! Ninja assassins have infiltrated from the rear, and have their real target sighted, as he strolls out of the castle doors!

£ Only one defender seems to have spotted the intruders so far, as he shoots at them from the ornamental pond!

£ Do you think their sneak attack will work?

£ That was a fun table to put together. Maybe next time the temple models will be making an appearance....


Hope you enjoyed these pics - let us know what you'd like to see next!


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Nicolas Martin
2021-07-15 (Thu) 6:26AM

Absolutely breathtaking! I cannot wait for my printer to arrive so i can start printing your exquisite models. Keep up the great work, im waiting for that pagoda with bated breath.

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-07-15 (Thu) 7:57AM

Thanks, Nicolas! Work on the pagoda starts today....

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