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Designing the samurai temple outer gate

2021-06-04 by David

The modular Samurai Temple Walls set has been available for a couple of months now, and since then we've brought out a few smaller pieces.... the Ruined Castle Wall, the Ruined Stone Wall, an updated version of the Wooden Lantern, and most recently the Jinmaku Curtains set.


But now it's time for something BIG!!!


Today we're showing off final previews of the Temple Outer Gate building, but first let's take a quick look at the temple walls set it's designed to fit....




£ This is the existing Temple Walls set, comprised of 3 sections - a straight section, a corner section, and a doorway section.


Well, you could use those little doorways to get in and out of the temple area, I guess, but every proper temple complex in Japan tends to have a very ornate and very LARGE front gate in the middle of those walls. So without further ado, here's the new outer gate building we'll be releasing very shortly....



£ Here's the front view of the gate building, mounted on its optional base. Those steps are almost 22cm wide, and the building itself is 24cm wide at the balcony! The roof is slightly wider, because it overhangs everything else!


Technically, temple gate buildings don't usually have functioning gates (it's merely a gateway between everyday life and the spiritual), but it seemed odd not to include a way to defend a temple in war-torn feudal Japan. They are of course hinged, so you can choose to have them open or closed.


Behind each open gate there is a small (fixed) door in the wall, one of which leads up to a trapdoor to the second level. Again, technically the second level and balcony of a rōmon temple gate building would be purely ornamental, but it seemed too good an opportunity to miss, so I've included a playable interior and surrounding balcony.


£ The rear of the temple gate (the 'inside' side) is where it gets very cool - to either side of the central gateway we have a bay with a large Niō deity. These statues are included in the ZIP file, scaled to a perfect 80mm height to fit the bays.


Supported and unsupported versions of the statues are included, and as you'll see from the next blog post, it's entirely possible to print them on an FDM printer successfully.

Stay tuned for a guide to printing those awesome statues!

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2021-06-05 (Sat) 7:23AM


David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-06-05 (Sat) 8:20AM

Thanks, Vaughan!

2021-06-07 (Mon) 4:32AM

Can't wait! Already have the Sohei monks and other encounters painted for this setting. Hope it comes out really soon.

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-06-07 (Mon) 7:59AM

Don't worry, Roy - the test model is now fully printed, so it'll be available in about a week (once it's painted!).

2021-06-11 (Fri) 1:27AM

Great work David , I hope to print this soon

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