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Samurai Temple Walls available NOW!

2021-03-28 by David

The first set from our Japanese samurai-themed grand temple project is being officially released today, so the Samurai Temple Walls are now available for download!


  Samurai Temple Walls  


Plenty of lovely pics to show you today, and even a short video!


£ The set consists of 3 parts - straight sections, doorway sections, and a corner section. All of these come with stone bases too, so you can customise your layout in lots of ways!



£ The doorway section features narrow steps on the outside, leading up to the heavy wooden door, and then wide steps down again on the other side.


He we see one of the temple priests turning away a passing beggar, at the pointed end of a naginata!


£ The inside of the temple walls feature this paved walkway covered by the wide curved roof, and these wide stone steps.

£ You don't even need to glue the roof sections in place, providing even more options for gameplay!

£ The heavy wooden door can be barred and closed, or opened during play.

£ This set also makes a pretty good background for photographing your models!


Here we can see one of the priests kneeling at the end of one of the walkways, readying himself for the coming fight!

£ This penniless beggar is another great model from the "Unlikely Allies" set by Grey for Now Games, and makes a colourful addition to a gameboard. Here he is, trudging around outside the temple walls.

£ This final pic is the watchman from the same "Unlikely Allies" set, with a dark edged filter placed over the photo. It really sets the scene for those ninja-based night missions!



We also have a short video for you, to set the scene for a clash between temple priests and some marauding samurai forces....



The Samurai Temple Walls are available for download from today!


  Samurai Temple Walls  


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2021-03-28 (Sun) 23:02PM

These look great! The hardest part is deciding what color to go with.

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-03-29 (Mon) 7:50AM

After deciding on the colour, the next hardest part was getting them to all fit in one photo!

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