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Printing and assembling the samurai temple walls

2021-03-20 by David

The new samurai temple walls have all been test printed, so it's time for an assembly guide and some photos!



£ We'll start with the straight wall section, which prints upside down. Like EVERY piece in the temple walls set, you won't need print supports! You'll need to carefully remove the 3 built-in print supports from each window, however.



£ With the window frames empty, you can choose which window design you'll print. You have a choice of 3 types - a shuttered window (bars are on the 'inside'), a window with vertical bars, and an ornamental version with a traditional pattern. These will just slot in on the inside of the window frame.


£ You'll need to print a roof section. Again, this does not require print supports, and can be fitted to the wall with some gentle pressure..... so if you want to remove it during play, it should be possible.

£ The base section is optional, and features a 30mm wide dirt path on the outside, and a wide stone-paved pathway on the inside.

£ The doorway section is similar to the straight section. It should be printed upside-down, and does not require supports.

£ The STL file for the doors includes 2 hinge blocks, which should be inserted in the door frame as shown in the photo above. A locking bar is also included, and can be slotted in to the grooves.

£ The roof for the doorway section is the same as for the straight section, and can be push fitted if you don't want to glue it. The optional base can be printed in one piece on larger printers, but there is also a 2-part version for smaller printers. There are some narrow steps on the outside, leading up to the doorway.......

£ ... and some wider stone steps on the other side.  As with each piece of this model, every surface has been realistically textured.

£ The corner section also features window frames, and you will need to carefully remove the built-in print supports again (circled in red), and then insert your choice of window designs.

£ The roof has been designed to print in two pieces, which can both be printed without print supports. There are a couple of tiny built-in print supports on the corners, howvere, which should be carefully trimmed off.

£ The base section for the corner has been provided as a one-piece print for larger printers, or sliced into 3 pieces for smaller (125mm² bed) printers.


Okay, so that's the assembly guide done. It's time for some bigger pics........

£ It's getting BIG!! Each roof section is 120mm long, but actually about 150mm wide from edge to edge - so the layout starts to get big quite quickly! Temple priests will get great protection from the wind and rain.


£ Of course the gentle curves on the roof sections will also allow ninja models to run along the tops, on their sneaky night missions!

£ You can of course use these walls without the base sections, and they'll still look great! You could even use them in castle and shrine layouts.

£ I'm looking forward to getting some great photos along those interior pathways, once the models are painted up! The roof beams and detailed supports should make for instagram-worthy backgrounds.

£ Without the roofs, these sections are completely playable too. It's got a more D&D feel to it, don't you think?


These models will be hitting the paint desk just as soon as I decide whether to paint them as wood or paint them red, and will be released shortly.


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2021-03-21 (Sun) 0:10AM

Looks awesome! You nailed it

2021-03-21 (Sun) 1:01AM

Great work as always! Are these usually a rectangular layout with only outer corners or could they have inner corners as well like you earlier castle walls set?

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-03-21 (Sun) 9:09AM

Thanks, guys! Yes, they would normally be a simple rectangle shape of walls (without inner corners and T-junctions), with a big gate 'building' at the front. That bit will be coming soon...

2021-03-22 (Mon) 2:06AM

Great question Christian!

David, is there a plan to add an inner corner?

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-03-22 (Mon) 10:10AM

Sorry for not answering that question directly earlier. No, there will not be an inner corner in this set. I've never seen a real-life temple layout with an inner corner.

2021-03-24 (Wed) 8:27AM

No worries! Thanks David. This has me thinking now too, and I canft think of an instance where Ifm aware of that either. I think I might pay a little closer attention to it now. Haha.

2021-04-16 (Fri) 23:53PM

Ifm currently printing the temple a d itfs looking great. Ifm relatively new to doing my own 3D printing and had a few questions/thoughts about ways to reduce print time without losing quality. Or maybe my times are normal?

These are rough printing times using:
Prusa is MK3s+ with a 0.6mm nozzle
PrusaSlicer settings:
O.3mm Quality
Infill: 10%
Brim: Yes
No Supports

Straight Floor: 5hrs 38mins
Straight Wall: 3hrs 34mins
Straight Roof: 6 hrs 57 mins
Temple Floor Corner: 12hrs 34mins

Any tips to improve print times would be much appreciated.

Also, would you consider producing a Temple Floor / Temple Roof gUnder Constructionh? That way I can immediately start using the Temple, capping both ends with with the Under Construction parts until itfs completely printed. ;D

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-04-17 (Sat) 10:00AM

Hi Rory, thanks for your comments. Those print times look pretty good to me - I normally print models like these at 0.2mm layers, but even so, your times are probably faster than mine. I generally print at a fairly slow 40mm/s speed, which works well for me.

2021-04-18 (Sun) 2:16AM

Ifd love to have finer detailed prints, but I think the print time would drive me crazy!

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