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<< Printing the samurai pavises

Samurai Pavises are available NOW!

2021-01-13 by David

The first new release of 2021 for you today - some wooden Samurai Pavises!


  Samurai Pavises  


Wooden pavises, or tate, were used by feudal-era infantry as protective shields from enemy arrows. They were large enough for one or two soldiers to take shelter behind, and were used by archers and ashigaru alike. The stand at the rear could be planted in the ground to create a stable barrier, or it could be carried in one hand.

This set contains 12 versions with clan markings, 1 blank version, and 1 version with double horizontal stripes at the top. All have detailed woodgrain textures on both sides, which is more pronounced at the top and bottom.

Wooden pavises were also hung over castle walls, to provide extra cover for troops within.


Although I suspect pavises would be placed slightly lower on the walls than in this photo (perhaps only half protruding above the top of the wall?), but they are easy enough to temporarily balance on the walls for a quick game!

These are the 12 clan symbols marked on the pavises. 5 of them (the more intricate ones) are projecting from the wood, and the rest are carved into the wood.


The sculpted wood patterns make these very quick to paint. I used a light brown spray undercoat, with a brown wash on top of that to produce the photo above. A drybrush with lightbrown and then a very light drybrush with sand-coloured paint gave them a great weathered finish. The nailheads are picked out in dark grey.


The carved clan symbols are particularly easy to paint - I just used a black wash nudged into the carved shapes, and the wash flows into the right bits.

In this old illustration, you can see that you could also paint the pavises in a much lighter colour (or clan colours etc), to show freshly cut wood or painted designs.




The wooden Samurai Pavises are available for download from today!


  Samurai Pavises  


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<< Printing the samurai pavises
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