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Happy New Year!

2021-01-07 by David

Happy new year to you all! We're entering into our 3rd year of making these 3D-printed models (as of this April), and this year's going to be a good one!


(... funnily enough, I'm still waiting on the Kickstarter-backed 3D printer that started off this new hobby after 3 years (!), but that's another story!)


With the huge castle project taking up at least half of 2020 last year, we can finally move on to new projects and new ranges this year!

This pic is a brand new torii gate I came across last week, when I visited my local shrine during the new year break. You usually see them either in unpainted stone, or red-painted wood, and this was the first natural wood torii gate I've ever seen. It even has a gorgeous shining copper roof! Lovely! I thought it might give some of you inspiration for painting?


So, what would YOU like to see this year? More samurai? More sci-fi Taui? More monolithic Necrontyr? How about a vehicle or two? Let us know in the comments....




Troy Lanning
2021-01-08 (Fri) 12:57PM

More Taui please. I have plans for these and yours have been some of the best to build I have worked with.

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-01-08 (Fri) 14:03PM

Thanks, Troy! Taui are definitely high on the list!

2021-01-08 (Fri) 23:01PM

Hi David, I love your Samurai models. I mostly play Sohei monks. That's why I would love to see more scenery for a temple (shrines, bells, pagodas) :)

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-01-09 (Sat) 10:37AM

Thanks, Thomas! I've got those very same sohei monks sitting on my paint desk..... it's just possible they may be next on my painting list... hint, hint

2021-01-10 (Sun) 5:00AM

Any additions to the Samurai line would be great - shops (including swordsmith/blacksmith and sake brewery), temple, shrines!!!!!!

2021-01-13 (Wed) 22:24PM

Necrons! More Necrons please ;-)

2021-01-13 (Wed) 23:32PM

Tau & Necron! Though I love seeing all of the Samuri work you have created :)

2021-01-15 (Fri) 2:28AM

I'm definitely excited to see more Taui this year!

2021-01-21 (Thu) 1:05AM

Samurai Shops and Townhouses would be first on my list. (and maybe some fishing docks / fish market)

Working on replacing the boards for the game "Rise of the Kage" with 3D terrain... docks of Ryu is a merchant district in the game, so that would be great.


David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-01-21 (Thu) 9:14AM

Thanks, everybody, for the great comments! The next few releases will be for the Taui range (2 of them next month, hopefully), and then some ruined pieces for the samurai collection.

Then it'll be on to one or two necrontyr pieces and some bigger new samurai sets - townhouses, shops and temples..... though not necessarily in that order!

2021-02-09 (Tue) 10:20AM

Yes more samurai stuff, shops, homes markets, a bath house would be amazing.

2021-02-11 (Thu) 12:30PM

Samurai range... stables, shops, townhomes, temple, pagodas, beds, furniture, temporary cloth pavilions used by lords while traveling, and manor homes...

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-02-12 (Fri) 10:34AM

Thanks, Cliff and Austin! Yes, all of those projects are on the list!

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