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The castle is fully assembled!

2020-12-03 by David

It's finally finished!!!! Our biggest project yet, this MASSIVE Japanese samurai castle soars 5 levels up into the sky, and sits atop a mighty stone platform!

£ Here's the completed castle in all its glory! What a building! What a print!



£ Without its stone base section, this castle is still guaranteed to dominate any table you place it on!




£ If you want to use the castle without its large 36cm base, then you can print this ground-level door section (with opening doors, of course) for access to the interior.....


£ ... and here's how that ground-level entrance looks.




£ Personally, I'm aiming for maximum "WOW" value, so I chose to use the big stone base to raise my castle even higher. To do that, you should print this underground entrance section, which comes with opening doors, a locking bar, and wide stairs up to the next level.


And yes, stairs in Japanese castles really are that steep!

£ .... and here's the version with the underground entrance. Nobody's going to mess with this castle!

£ Want to see what it looks like from an attacker's eye-level? Here you go....


Nope. Not going to attack that, I think!

£ Another view of the whole castle, with its intricate roof shapes. What you can't really see in this photo is the detail that has gone into every single part of this model.....

£ .... so here's a zoomed-in version of the entrance and first level. The exterior has wood grain modeled on almost every surface, and other walls have an authentic sandy texture sculpted on. Each roof tile has been carefully modeled to show up every detail of this magnificent building!

£ I'm rather looking forward to painting these roof sections.... at least from the top! I'd better stock up on spray paint!

£ If your tastes are more military, then you can leave off the ornamental roof section above the underground entrance...

£ .... but I couldn't resist adding a little more bling, so I chose to add the optional roof on there!

£ Now it's time for the full set of level photos. Here's the base level, with its main entrance leading up to the 1st level. Note the second smaller staircase on the right - this leads down to a basement level, so if you really want to go nuts you could add dungeons, kitchens and storerooms down there!

£ The 1st level has a slightly military feel to it, with 6 small rooms and a surrounding corridor. There are small holes for archers, and you could also add window shutters if you want make it a real fortress. All those doors actually slide, by the way!

£ The 2nd level contains the grand "throne room" - the largest room in the castle. A slightly narrower room and corridor make up the other half of this level, and there is a secret door connecting the two rooms. After all, every lord needs an escape route, right?

£ The 3rd level has 3 decent-sized rooms, and these could be used for important meetings or councils of war.

£ The 4th level only has two rooms, most likely sleeping quarters for the lord of the castle and immediate family.

£ Finally, we have this elegant 5th level room, with doors on all sides and a surrounding balcony from where you could sneer down on your enemies!

£ The top roof section has a stunning roof shape, only found on the most important buildings of the land. Those ornamental dragonfish statues complete the look - although they could actually be added on roof sections on every level if you really want to make a statement to your rivals!

£ So how big is it? Well, here's the castle corner tower (minus its base) as a size comparison.




£ HOW BIG?! Well, pretty darn HUUUUUGE! It will also give your arms a good workout just lifting the whole thing!


Apologies for the stupid grin on my face - perhaps I'm just happy not to be modeling roof tiles for a while?


This model will be hitting the paint desk tonight, and will be released next week! Watch this space...



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2020-12-04 (Fri) 12:27PM

All i can say is WOW! Great job. Not looking forward to printing it but I'm looking forward to when its finished :-)

2020-12-04 (Fri) 13:11PM

Fantastic job! The attention to detail on this castle is what sets it above the rest. It is another fine example of the quality work 3DAW puts out.

I was looking for a Japanese temple building this year, but everything I found was inadequate in some fashion. When I saw 3DAW has one in the works, I decided I could wait for you to release it, knowing the attention to the details would meet my rigorous standards.

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2020-12-04 (Fri) 14:40PM

Thanks, Ja! Those comments really mean a lot to my motivation to keep going on mammoth projects like this. The castle had me pulling out my hair several times!

The temple stuff is pretty high up the list for projects to be tackled soon (we'll be asking for votes soon), but it will definitely be released in pieces, rather than a massive release at once (like the castle). That tied up rather too much of my time, and it's nice to do little side projects to keep energy up!

2020-12-04 (Fri) 19:00PM

It is beautiful and so nice seeing photos of a print, not just digital images which is what most seem to do nowadays. This has been so worth the wait, as I knew it would be, next it will have to go into the que to print, unfortunately some other very large prints to finish first.

2020-12-04 (Fri) 20:48PM

That looks really good. No doubt it also doubles as one heck of a paper weight!

2020-12-14 (Mon) 1:12AM

Wow, David, ths is really a monumental work. You attention to detail shows in every blog post and photo. This is by far the largest, most ambitious, 3D printable structure I've seen in my years of browsing and printing. It's very impressive.

How might it be used? What I see you having completed is perfect for an inverted "dungeon crawl," with a Sengoku theme. One enters at the bottom with encounters as you ascend toward a goal at the top. The potential for surprises along the way -- the secret door for instance -- keeps players on their toes. Added to this is the care you have taken to make a layout Japanese, for example in Level 1 having only interior rooms with a walkway around the outside, similar to what we see in epic samurai movies. Nice.

Overall, let me add a hearty Well Done to the outpouring of amazement over this project. I'll also add my encouragement to expand this line into other Asian countries with iconic architecture -- China, anybody? Korea?

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2020-12-14 (Mon) 10:19AM

Thanks, Angus! Yes, I'm planning to use it as a campaign of 'mini-battles', where the outcome of the fight on one level affects the situation on the next level up!

The interiors were very important - it's just a waste building a beautiful exterior but skipping all the tatami and sliding doors on the inside! I tried to make it as believable as possible, but it was really tough squeezing everything (especially the stairs!) in without it being unplayable.

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<< Assembling the castle : level 2
Painting the samurai castle >>
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