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The castle 3d model is now complete!

2020-09-30 by David

After many, many thousands of individually placed rooftiles, and many, many hours of cursing ancient builders, the final version of the HUGE 5-level samurai castle is now complete.


So here we go........

Isn't it awesome?! This is just the CG render, and at this size it's a little hard to see the details put into every square centimetre of this design - but rest assured, it's covered head-to-toe in authentic details, fully detailed interiors, and textured floors, walls and roofing!


Printing begins in earnest in a few more days, so fingers crossed that I haven't made any stupid mistakes!!

Tags: teaser  samurai  design 


2020-10-01 (Thu) 3:07AM

Awesome!!! Looks fantastic! Congratulations, David, for this major undertaking which will bring hours of enjoyment to your devoted fans!

2020-10-17 (Sat) 23:48PM

Question for you regarding scaling. I've been printing the castle walls etc in 28mm and they are beautiful. I was asked if you could scale them down to 15mm or as small as 6mm. It seems that 15mm would be fine but it seems like it would lose a lot of detail at 6mm. Curious what you think.

2020-10-19 (Mon) 9:36AM

Amazing! Can't wait to see it in action.

2020-10-20 (Tue) 7:01AM

Simply amazing and awe-inspiring. How many hours and reels is this beauty going to take to print off.

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2020-10-20 (Tue) 9:34AM

Hi Tom! Yes, they print in 15mm scale (half size) without problem. They can be printed in 6mm scale (quarter size), but it works best if you assemble the more intricate models (like the farmhouses) in some software like Windows 3D Builder first, and then print as a complete building. Otherwise things like doors will try to print at quarter size, which is only 0.5mm thick - something most printers can't do.

Hi Bradders! Hours?...... sooo many, but hey, at least you're probably only going to do it once, right? For reels of PLA filament, I'm guessing roughly 2~3kg. I'll let you know when it's finished printing!

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