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Terry Gaudet's STUNNING Necron World

2020-06-19 by David

Here's a very special video from Terry Gaudet, of his totally awesome Necron World table - featuring pretty much every design from our Necrontyr collection. Go look!!!!



Here are some of our favourite moments.....

Who doesn't love a wide-shot? Even the walls of Terry's gaming room look to have been bathed in the glorious green glow!

Look at that lovely conversion of the Necrontyr Portal, with a trapped C'tan inside!


And then look at the awesome custom battlemat he designed as 2foot sections, all covered in his carefully airbrushed digital pattern. Great use of simple stencils!

Terry also created these special mat sections, where the digital taint of the necron city is slowly spreading across the surrounding terrain. This means Terry can have half tables for the Necron city terrain, joining up neatly with more natural terrain on the other half. Genius!

He's crammed his table with so much terrain that he didn't even have room to place this pyramid in the video! Continuing the digital pattern up the sides of this massive piece just makes it look alive!


Well done, Terry!!!



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<< Construction begins on the samurai castle!
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