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Construction begins on the samurai castle!

2020-06-02 by David

This project is of course the ultimate goal of the samurai terrain range - to have a massive, fully detailed Japanese castle, that anybody can produce on their own 3D printer, and scare friends and family!!!


It's taken a while to build up the courage to actually start it, but finally .... FINALLY construction has begun on this huge 5 level castle!


Today I have some early pics to show off from the assembly instructions, as the building slowly takes shape.......

£ If you really want to lord it over your rivals, why not raise your castle up even higher by mounting it on this extra base? The castle will be designed with an underground entrance in mind, so that we can include juicy details like overhanging murder holes, but an alternative ground-level entrance will also be included in case you want to place the castle flat on the tabletop.


So once you've ordered plenty of rolls of 3D printer filament (I'll let you know how many later), you'll want to print 4 corner base sections, as well as 3 straight sections and one central block.


In the image above you can see a large block missing from the front, which is where the steps and underground entrance will be placed. More to come on that soon!


£ Then we're on to the first level of the castle! Each corner piece and straight section is identical, so you simply glue them together using the joining clips for some added strength.


In the picture above, you can see the entrance piece missing from the far side. This is where you can either place a front door section, or have a solid wall with steps leading down to a subterranean entrance.


The floor supports are printed separately, and simply slot in to place in each section. These should give ample support for all the interior flooring and walls, which in turn will support subsequent levels.

£ I've chosen to use the underground entrance in my castle, so I printed a solid wall section for the first level. A stepped base section will slot into place underneath that, with a solid door halfway up and then a tunnel leading up inside the castle.

£ This would be an attacker's view of the castle. Just look at the size of it - it's HUUUUUGE!!!!


Not to mention all those murder holes and archer windows....

£ One last pic for today, just to give you some idea of the scale. The corner tower is going to look pretty darn tiny next to this mammoth castle! I'm definitely going to have trouble fitting this on my small photo table.


The interior sections for the first level are printing now, and we'll have some more pics to show you in a few days. Watch this space!


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2020-06-04 (Thu) 19:08PM

Definitely it is looking very impressive. I have to say you are doing an amazing job. Cannot wait to see the finish product.

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2020-06-04 (Thu) 20:14PM

Thanks, Fabian! It'll be a couple more months before it's ready, I think, but worth waiting for!

Gordon Cunningham
2020-06-30 (Tue) 1:21AM

This is looking great, any idea on a date for this to be released ?

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2020-06-30 (Tue) 7:38AM

Sorry Gordon, the printer's still waiting on replacement parts before it can start test printing again. Likely to be late summer?

Song Han
2020-07-23 (Thu) 21:36PM

I'm very intresting when it'll be released?

2020-10-16 (Fri) 23:06PM

Looking great. Castle walls sold separately I presume?

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2020-10-17 (Sat) 10:38AM

Hi Brett! The base sections in the photos above will be included in the castle set, of course.

2020-12-27 (Sun) 2:12AM

What a great model! I have finished the base and first floor and I have a question. For the screendoor parts I had to use a brim in order for them to print standing on edge. Otherwise they were so thin that adhesion became problematic. Did you print them flat or on edge?

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2020-12-27 (Sun) 8:18AM

Hi Tom! Yes, I printed the screendoors on edge, with a brim. If you print them flat, the recessed door handle probably won't print properly.

The "mesh" doors (for adding paper etc) print better flat on the bed.

2021-08-29 (Sun) 19:53PM


David (3DAlienWorlds)
2021-08-29 (Sun) 20:49PM

Hi Keith! Yes, you could print it at 193% if you have a large bed printer (about 25cm would be needed for each piece), but the finished castle would be MASSIVE! It would probably be about 75cm wide, and over a metre tall! I'd recommend one of the smaller buildings maybe - perhaps the temple buildings?

2023-01-06 (Fri) 9:13AM

How well will these print on a resin printer?

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2023-01-06 (Fri) 12:09PM

They should print brilliantly, I think, although the quantity of resin required might be considerable.

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