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Designing the samurai pond

2019-07-31 by David

This design has been a whole lot of fun to create, and fit in as many cool little details as possible! The goal was to create a 12.5cm diameter ornamental pond, which could be resized up to double the size and still look convincing.

▲ This is the pond scaled to 100% size, giving us a diameter of approximately 12.5cm. Most of the surrounding banks are edged with rocks, and three grass/dirt mounds strategically spaced between them complete the watertight sides.


The idea is that you could paint up the surface of the pond as water, with maybe a coat of gloss varnish, or you could go one step further and pour in 1 or 2mm of clear water effects or resin to give it even more depth.

▲ To that end, many of the accessories are designed to be partially submerged in water - the koi carp fish and turtles are sliced to only show the top half above the water surface.


The pond set will come with a movable 'island' that can be shuffled about to fit whatever size of pond you print, and allow you to connect two bridges together naturally, or even lead to a path of stepping stones across the water.

▲ One tiny detail that's easy to miss is this ninja head, hiding in the reeds at the side. This is just a little fun extra, and should look great under a thin layer of clear water effects, breathing through his airpipe.


The lilypads can be placed on top of any water effects you choose to add.


Printed photos coming tomorrow!




Torsten Sattler
2019-07-31 (Wed) 20:19PM

Another really impressive design from you.
Can´t wait to see the pictures from the painted model.

2019-08-01 (Thu) 1:17AM

Very cool piece of terrain to add to this line. I really like the Koi and the extra depth for a resin pour. Thats very thoughtful.

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2019-08-01 (Thu) 9:42AM

Thanks for the feedback, guys! That's what keeps me making more.... :)

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Printing the samurai pond(s) >>
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